Oct 12, 2014

12 of 31: The Conspiracy (2012)

A vain attempt by a formerly prolific blogger to review 31 new (to me) horror films in the 31 days of October. We did it last year and it was a gas. Can we do it once more? Let's find out.

Platform: Netflix on Roku
Starring: Paranoia.

Two filmmakers decide to make a film documenting a local renowned conspiracy theorist named Terrence. Terrence is one of many conspiracy nuts who believe that our government or some other radical organization is controlling us in ways that we can't see or begin to comprehend. Unless we all wake up and take notice. Terrence goes out into the world, trying to spread his message to everyday, ordinary Americans. Armed with a megaphone, he's prepared to take on the powers that be. Alone if necessary, part of an army if possible. 

In the very early stages of the filming, Terrence disappears without a trace.

That's the setup and the central mystery surrounding this faux documentary. Sorry to spoil it for you, but yes...it's not a real documentary. I know you might be disappointed, but did you really believe that a real documentary was going to find its way into this series? C'mon! Yet it does feels like you are watching a real documentary about two men trying to figure out this mystery. The acting is first-rate, and the production is almost too good to be a real documentary. Except that many DO have high production values. So all part of the enjoyment of the film.

The missing Terrence was, of course, obsessed with the major conspiracy theories we've all read about. The sinking of the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin, the tragedies of 9/11, secret societies and all that shit. One of the directors, in turn, becomes obsessed with Terrence's research. He discovers that Terrence had found a pattern of secret meetings of an secret society of powerful world and economic leaders called the Tarsus Club. Those secret meetings preceded just about every huge world event that has happened in the past century or more.

Using the internet to cull further information on this secret society, the filmmakers discover that they may have become targets themselves. Possibly just like Terrence. But who is targeting them? Is this potentially global conspiracy that they have stumbled upon actually true?

For me, this is an extremely fun, little horror film. Yes, I can see you shaking your head. "It's not horror!" you exclaim. I guess...maybe. But in the real world, what is more frightening? A global conspiracy to control you and everyone you know as a part of some secret agenda, or vampires? Reality has a way of being just as frightening, if not more so, than fantasy. Just take a look at the coverage of the Ebola outbreak in the world. A current, fictional movie about that would scare the fuck out of me right about now.

Then again...maybe it IS a straight-up horror flick. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Verdant Dude Rating: 4.5 out of 5 pumpkin ales


Waterlogged Canine said...

Mark Tucker's fingers.

Verdant Earl said...

WLC - Those bad boys were funked up!