Aug 6, 2006

Earl on booze

Ok, so I'm a little buzzed tonight so I came here to post something both clever and funny.

Then I read Spinning Girl's latest post about her third sober anniversary. Talk about a buzz kill. Well, not quite a kill but it certainly wounded my buzz fairly well.

All I have to say is good for her. I took her quiz (from AA) and scored a grand total of 3 "yes" answers. Honestly, I was a bit afraid of taking it because I thought it would confirm that I really did have a drinking problem, but (according to the test) I may have been wrong. I didn't even lie, or convince myself that I wasn't lying. There was one question which I teetered on that could have brought me to 4, but in the end I felt honest enough to answer it as a "no".

I still think that my health would be a little better off without my current use of alcohol, but there is so much that I would miss without it. Great friends, great times, and really great booze. That's what I would miss the most...the great booze. Everything else could and would continue, but I just really, really like good booze.

Anyway, more power to you Spinning Girl. Glad you recognized a problem and were courageous enough to deal with it. Let's hope the rest of us are strong enough to follow suit, no matter what the problem is.


Kat said...

Ohh how I miss me some booze. Nothin' like pregnancy to put all that to an abrupt end. ahhh, but I'm sure my red wine lip ways will return shortly after. My biggest challenge will be not smoking again. Sounds stupid and gross (especially to non smokers) but I love smoking. Is that sad?

Verdant Earl said...

Not sad at all. I've never been a smoker, but I've dated a small handful of them.

I've never really minded smoking until it was outlawed in bars a few years back. Now, when I am a smoke-friendly place, it REALLY bothers me.

elizabeth said...

Amen to your post. A handful of people I have dated would benefit from that AA quiz. (hey Kat)


Kat said...

You know, as a smoker..well ex...I prefer to smoke outside. Never bothered me at all to take the stink outside. I don't really appreciate it lingering up my nose either.