Aug 7, 2006

Earl on Washington

George Washington

Saw this on Violet Blue's (very often NSFW) blog a while back, and I watch it at least once every few days. The tune gets stuck in my brainpan in a most pleasant way.

Some things you may never have heard about our first president:
1. He had two on the vine.
2. He made love like an eagle.
3. He killed his sensei in a duel.
4. He saved children (but not the British children).

A treasure trove of info to be gleaned from this little gem. A little strong language in there, so watch the volume if you are at work.

Absolutely brilliant! I've shared this with Slyde and a bunch of others before, but it deserves to be my first ever post. Enjoy!


elizabeth said...

That's..... disturbing.

wv: irkmo

Verdant Earl said... really makes me laugh, though.

Kat said...

In what document does it clarify his genital and love making status....i'd like to see the paperwork please.LOL

Reminds me a little bit of Cake...sans horns.