Aug 29, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays...

...usually get me down. Not so with the past couple 'o days.

It seems as if it's been raining here for the past week or so now. After what seems like months of hot, dry weather we are finally getting some much needed rainfaill to make Long Island green again.

After a morning filled with phone interviews, business proposals and mindless spreadsheet crap, I met shiny new lady love out for lunch around 1-ish. Actually, she came by to pick me up in her new Mini Cooper...flash car!

See...we both took yesterday off to go for a ride and wound up in Port Jefferson for lunch. Took the scenic route the entire way there and back. It was semi-crappy out, but we still had a blast! Got some pizza and drinks for dinner and headed back to my place for some lovin'. Just a perfect overall Monday!

Back to lunch today. Afterwards, she was in a mood to see "High Fidelity" so she wanted to rent it and watch it on this rainy afternoon. Um, it's like my favorite movie evah! Duh! Of course I own it! 90% of my daily conversation comes from that film. And I'm soooo annoying to watch it with because I say all of the dialogue a half-second before it actually occurs. Chink in the armor, Ted...but I'm working on it.

She's beginning to see what makes me tick. Hope she doesn't get scared!

Uh oh, it's half past a monkey's ass...gotta go!


Anonymous said...

i have to get this girl on the phone with me.. i'll tell her all she needs to know...

elizabeth said...

People in lust make me smile...

Kat said...

I love how this whole post was a round about way of saying...."we did it".

"She's beginning to see what makes me tick. Hope she doesn't get scared!"
geez earl, you shouldn't dress in women's clothing this early in the relationship!

elizabeth said...

Or wizard costumes.... shabam!

Verdant Earl said...

Um, don't know what you mean by "we did it".

If you're referring to the NY Times Sunday Crossword, then yeah, we did that.

Can't imagine what else you could be talking about.

As for dressing in woman's mean I should wait a few weeks? But the silk feels so good on my privates!

Kat said...

yer funny,
not like a clown funny
cause clown's are sick and scarey,
but more like a ha ha my ribs are aching....
or is that the feather in my pants?

elizabeth said...

Kat - are you sure you're NOT drinking. (and what - no props for the wizard comment? I am shocked) Who knew you were so....pure?

Kat said...

who? what?
where's.. the crossword?
Why are you dressed like a clown?

Verdant Earl said...

I love the fact that my blog is fodder for conversation between you two.

It's really the only reason that I started it.

That and the fact that my fingers move too fast for my brain.

You don't even want to know about my night with shiny new lady love tonight! We were awfully gross with the PDA and the not-so-PDA. Our friends all want to be us right now...well, not with us, but, you know, like us. It's icky!

Kat said...

Note to earl:

It's friday.


Verdant Earl said...'s Saturday.


Kat said...

Well, it is now ya silly tit.

Kat said...

The good news is,
it's almost monday again!

elizabeth said...

Earl and Kat
c/o Earl on his own

Dearest Kat and Earl,

You two are sort of confused. Surely you must realize it is MONDAY - AGAIN. I have been sitting here - very quietly - for an entire week waiting.

With all due respect - put the icky new love back in the closet and make us a post.

Kind personal regards,

Kat said...

Dear quiet newcomer
aka liz,

hmmmm...methinks you are confused liz. I believe I did say it's "almost monday again" and I do believe I've been pointing out the fact all week that it wasn't monday anymore...or maybe I'm reading it all wrong.