Aug 11, 2006

The Midnight Star

't senAs some of you may have guessed, I love a good bar. Irish pub, dirty local joint, posh NYC lounge, anything with a little style and a lot of booze. That's what I like!

I live in a town on Long Island that is populated with some interesting bars. We have Irish pubs, English pubs, townie joints, cigar bars, tex-mex bars, big NYC-style upscale bars, smoky bars (which ignore the state-wide smoking ban), coffee bars, outdoor bars, upstairs bars, sidewalk cafes, and a host of sushi bars.

I love all these places. I have friends at most of them, either on the staff or just regulars that only go to one place. Don't get me wrong, I have my favorites too. There are two bars that I spend most of my time at, but I like to dabble in the fringe joints as well. Keep up my contacts with the bar weirdos, you know.

Last night one of said weirdos dropped into favorite bar #1 just around closing time to have a few beers and some shots. About 3 of each in a 20 minute period. And the so-called "shots" he drinks are mind erasers. Phew! Anyway, he couldn't figure something out with his new cell phone. He had a missed call and he wanted to see what the number was. I helped him figure it out, then he asked me to help him change the volume on his ringer. To make sure it worked, I called him with my cell phone to hear the ring. All was well.

So we usher the drunken fool out the door, and I help my friend close up the bar. It was around 1AM. Fast forward to this morning when a phone call on my cell interrupts some boring work shit I was doing around 11AM. It was the drunk from last night. You see, he must have woken up and saw a missed call on his phone and now he knows how to find out the number. He just forgot a few salient details in that it was me who showed him how, and that I had called him to check the volume on his ringer. I smiled for 15 minutes straight after that call.

God, I love this town and it's drunken denizens!

PS - The title to this post refers to a character in a movie. It was someone who loved a good bar and was referred to as The Midnight Star because "I'm always there, but I shine brightest at night". Can you name the film?


Kat said...

Hmmmm...I'm not very good at remembering lines from movies...

shut up.
I miss the bar :o(

elizabeth said...

Was it a cowboy movie? (need hints bucko)

Verdant Earl said...

Why was a Western. Kind of a neo-Western, but definitely a Western. Hint, hmmm. Ok, the character that called herself The Midnight Star was named Stella.

Kat said...

Streetcar Named Desire???? Although that ain't a western...try again right?

Verdant Earl said...


Hint #2: One of the co-stars in this large ensemble cast went on to become a huge movie star, and the star of his own real BIG Western.

It's like the wv folks aren't even trying: rtlll. Sheesh people, don't waste my time!

elizabeth said...

Was it "Midnight"?

Verdant Earl said...

Nopers, Hint # 3: Of all the American actors in this Western, they decided to hire a decididly English chap to play the town sheriff in the beginning of the film. A rather silly English chap.

Kat said...

Ok...with some help from my other half, we're gonna guess Silverado.

Kat said...

cmon already!
did I get it?
huh, huh, huh?

Verdant Earl said...

Ding, ding, ding....we have a winnah!

Enviable knowledge and ultimate self-respect is your prize.

Even thought it took 3 hints...sheesh!

Kat said...

...don't forget help from the peanut gallery too!