Aug 28, 2007

But I digress...

Tune in tomorrow or Thursday for the continuing saga of Slyde and Moriarty.

Time for a baseball geek update:

  • The Yankees are breaking my heart. They are still only two out of the Wild Card race, but they are beginning to damage my calm. Losing to the Tigers last night was bad. Losing 16-0 was utterly embarrassing. FUCK!
  • Curtis Granderson has reached one of the goals I set out for him (yeah, that's my bidding Bee-yatch). He has surpassed 20 triples for the year. Now he only needs 3 more home runs to join the rarefied air that I spoke about here.
  • Even though the Yankees suck right now, it's awfully fun to watch the new kid, Joba Chamberlain, pitch. 15 K's in his first 9 innings pitched. Niiiiiice!
  • Two years after reaching the World Series against the White Sox, the Houston Astros fired both their general manager and Phil Garner, manager. Considering the fall of the White Sox as well, could it be that the 2005 World Series was jinxed? How long will Ozzie Guillen last now that his counterpart is gone?
  • Back to the Yankees (because that's all I really care about anyway), when oh when are they going to sit Mike Mussina so that they can slip Ian Kennedy into the rotation? Moose has been a good soldier for the past few years, but his last three starts have been horrendous!
update - Joba now has 17 K's in his first 10 innings. Thank you very much!
updated update - Yanks announced last night that Ian Kennedy would start in Mussina's place on Saturday. WTG!

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