Aug 25, 2007

Slyde vs. Moriarty: Round 2

Over the next month or so, Slyde and I found ourselves making fun of this Moriarty character more and more. Our fun at his expense didn't mean that Slyde was any less angry with the dude. On the contrary, it grew and grew every time he thought of the asshole. He couldn't wait to see him again, for there would be Hell to pay!

We didn't have to wait long.

We were at a comic-book convention at the Nassau Coliseum the next time we ran into him. Actually, we saw his Punisher-clad girlfriend first. As soon as we did, Slyde began to surreptitiously follow her around in hopes that she was there with Moriarty. After 10 minutes or so, she led us right to him!

I asked him what he was going to do, but he didn't really know. So he decided to ruin his day much the way he ruined Slyde's day a few weeks before, by trying to instigate a fight with him.

So he approaches his nemesis who is looking through some back issue boxes at one dealer's table. He situates himself right next to him...shoulder to shoulder...and he starts rifling through another box. Then he starts to lean and push against him. Basically just pushing him out of the way. Now, I'm watching from behind and I can see the guy start to get annoyed. But he doesn't say anything. He appraised the situation and decided to move on, knowing that he would probably get his ass kicked if he said "boo".

The above scene repeated itself four or five more times after he moved on. He would move to another dealer table, start looking through back issues, and then Slyde would move right in next to him and just lean and push him away. With more and more force each time. Then Slyde started just staring at him instead of looking through the bins. Just hoping for him to say something, anything to get into it.

(note: bullying people is bad, but this asshole deserved to be beat down)

Finally, the guy had enough. He gathers his girlfriend and with a sheepish look in our direction he heads out the exit door.

So he didn't get to kick Moriarty's ass, but he did get to ruin the guy's fun for the day. And it made me that's good. It maybe even kept him away from conventions for a while. I don't know, because we went a year or so without running into him.


Next: Slyde, Louise Simonson, and emergency exits.


Mermaid Melanie said...

ok ok! i am waiting!!! :cheesygrin:

Slyde said...

The story can end here.... really...

Verdant Earl said...

Hey...that part was the worst for you.

Round 3 involves me more than you!

i am the diva said...


you probably terrified the poor kid, slyde. ;p