Jan 25, 2008

Blog love

Decided to give a little love for all those on my blogroll today. Tell you how I found them or how they found me. Say a little something nice about them. Just spread a little love. So here goes:

  • MovieGrenade - (via badgerdaddy) A cute, little blog that I contribute to. We try to review bad movies so that you can avoid them. Actually, I kinda like bad movies. Sometimes they can be more fun than quality films, but ya have to be in the mood for it. Try us out sometime!
  • Slyde's Blog - (via, um, Slyde) My first experience with blogging. Slyde started his site a few years back and I offered to help him out by contributing posts. This led to my own excursion out into the blog world, so you can thank him for that. Or not, if you are so inclined.
  • Kat's Accounts - (via Slyde) She's changed the name of her blog over the years (it's now "Spit It Out"), but nothing can change that humorous, dry wit and sharp tongue. Well, except giving birth. And that didn't really change anything...we just have to wait a bit longer between posts now. HA!
  • Who Said Life Wasn't Funny? - (via Slyde) This would be Liz, and she is another one of the original Slydesbloggers. Always there with a funny story and a cheeky comment. Another Canadian, but that will be a theme in this blogroll for some reason. Earl Trivia - whenever I click on her link I say in my head "I said life isn't funny". Don't know why.
  • Spinning Girl - (via Anna, I believe) Funny, prolific blog (although you've been writing a bit less lately there, missy!) that, along with Slyde's Blog, got me to want to start my own blog. Once again, you can send her your thanks or death threats based on how you feel about that.
  • Anna Land - (via Slyde) Another in a long line of funny, self-deprecating blogs. Wish she would post more often, but that's life on the West Side, dawg. Also, people bug her. But she is a big fan of Snatch, so we dig her. The movie people. Get yo minds outta da gutter.
  • Violet Blue - (via Fleshbot) Great, no-nonsense sex site. Way more than just a blog. Violet Blue is an editor, writer, reader of everything and anything to do with the magical world of sex. And she's a hottie to boot. Remember kids, this one is NSFW at times.
  • bad bad girl - (via TK via somebody else) Not much to say about this one because its pretty new to my blogroll. Sexy stuff in there, though. Another NSFW site, if you please.
  • Madge - (via Spinning Girl, I think) Our friend from South Florida. She has the cutest pets in the world and she takes great pics of them. Plus she's a librarian, and librarians are hot! Great old-school name, too. Woot!
  • Melanie - (via Slyde?) - Artist, Mom and wordsmith. She's also got a handful of other sites where her talents really shine. This one is more personal and personable, if I do say so. And her avatar will make foot fetishists blush. Right, Slyde?
  • Badger is back - (via me, from an IMDB bulletin board) Another prolific, funny and intelligent blog from our buddy in the UK. If nothing else, badger helps me remember that "twat" rhymes with "cat" and not "cot". Who knew?
  • Jiggs Casey - (via Spinning Girl) Jiggs and the rest of his kooky gang of misfits are just about the funniest thing on the Internets. Of course, I don't have much of a sense of humor so you can take that compliment with a huge grain of salt. I'm not a strong swimmer.
  • ajooja - (via Spinning Girl, I think) One of the few men on my blogroll. Oh, except for Slyde, badger and the Jiggs gang. But I rarely think of those guys as men. I can relate to a lot of what ajooja writes about. We are about the same age, married with kids and grand kids. Oh wait, I'm not married nor do I have kids or grand kids. Why the hell do I go there again?
  • I am the Diva - (via Liz or Kat) Our newly pregnant friend from up North (yeah, one of those). Just like Liz's site, whenever I click on her link I say to myself "No, I am the Diva!". It's silly, but I do it every time. She's just a little ray o' sunshine on my normally cloudy days. Fix that masthead already, woman!
  • Eat, Bitch and Whine - (via Diva) Three things that I really love to do. Are bitching and whining two separate things? Well, Paige seems to think so. Even if she doesn't really bitch or whine that often. More Canadian goodness for your perusal!
  • Sailor Clover - (via Diva) Her and her Bat-hubs (or Bath-tubs, not sure) are artists, comic-book fans/geeks and they seem like all-around good eggs. Still kinda getting to know them, but any friend of Diva's is a link of mine. Does the title of your blog have anything to do with Sailor Moon?
  • Bat-hubs - (via FourLeafClover) The aforementioned hubby of FourLeafClover. He's just starting out in blog world so we should all give him our support. Because Batman is way cooler than Superman could ever hope to be. Superman...fah! Don't even get me started.
  • Elise's Diary - (via Lotus07) Wickedly funny and intelligent blog with a slight voyeuristic feel to it. Then again, I guess all blogs are out there for the voyeur in us all. Anyway, her life seems so much more interesting than mine, and not just because it is. It's because she writes so damn well. I want to be her when I grow up.
  • TK Kerouac - (via Lotus07) She's got a few sites on my blogroll, but I'll link to the open one because her original one has now gone private. Lots of great pics and observations from, wait for it, another Canadian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Great stuff!
  • Lotus07 - (via badgerdaddy?) Movie reviews, deep thoughts and hey...another male presence on my blogroll. And an American to boot. What the hell is he doing here? Oh yeah, he's a frequent commenter on our movie site. Plus, he's smarter than me. So there.
  • The Green Parrot - (via me) Not only is The Green Parrot Bar in Key West one of my favorite bars in the world, it's one of my favorite places as well. There are a few vestiges of the magical world left in ours, and a good hunk of it resides on the corner of Whitehead and Southard in Key West. Check it out.
  • Kissing Suzy Kolber - (via me) One of the many, many sports info-tainment blogs out there, but currently my favorite. Especially because I love that clip of Namath wanting to kiss Suzy Kolber. And because I dig sarcasm. There's lots of that on the site.
  • O.T.I.S. - (via IMDB) Not really a blog, per se. He generally just writes about some odd things that he has seen, hence the title. I'm a-thinking that he's planning a compilation book, e-book or something along those lines, but I can't be sure. He sure writes well, though. It's all very amusing and light-hearted.

Well, that took a lot longer than I thought it would. Phew! Maybe some of you will check out a site that you normally wouldn't. Maybe you won't. I ain't your momma.

Tell you what. Why don't you comment with one blog that I'm not currently reading that you believe I should be visiting on a semi-regular basis. You might have 10 or 100, but please narrow it down to just one. Have them draw straws or something. I promise to check 'em all out. Thanks!

PS - Weekend movie trashiness over at MovieGrenade, party people! Drop in for a shot and a beer.


jiggs said...

that review of jiggscasey.com is much nicer than how I describe the site. I usually just tell people that they'll only be mildly disappointed.

Verdant Earl said...

Jiggs - You're right. Being mildly disappointed works better for you guys.

Slyde said...

"you'll only be mildly dissapointed".

nice... i think thats gonna be my new masthead...

i am the diva said...

oh man, i'm totally feeling the love over here. However, truth be told, i wandered into your blog completely by accident and you were ranting about how much popcorn costs at the theatre - and how if you were king of the world you'd make it free or something, and i was hooked. i actually found Liz's blog through you. You were a completely random gem found in the billions of internet bloggers. :D

and i call him Bath-tubs every time, why? because i think it's funny.

and if i knew how to fix my masthead, i totally would. i miss my hot little pin up too. i had somebody do some work on my template, and it just hasn't been the same since, and i know about as much HTML as i know Rocket Science.

Seals said...

What a great post! I may try to do this sometime.

I assumed you came to my site through the lovely and talented Spinning Girl, but I didn't know. People change Internet identities so much, I thought you might have been a regular reader at my old blog. Cool.

We have a lot of other things in common. I'm not a fucking Daddy Blogger. :)

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.) ;)

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - you may want to work on "mildly".

Diva - You know, I wasn't sure about how you came here first, but I figued all you Canadians had a secret handshake or something. ;) Randomness is fun too!

ajooja - I know you aren't a daddy blog, I was just kidding. You're a grand-daddy blog, right? ;)

Suzi Q said...

Bitching and whining are totally different things! I think of bitching more like angry and frustrated venting. Whining is more of a little kid complaining in a high pitched voice about having to do things you don't like. Eating just seems to sooth both of these problems. So does drinking... Maybe I'll have to incorporate that in there somewhere... Hmm... Anyway thanks for the love!

Bruce Johnson said...

Wow...I made the list....and I am smarter than you....this definitely is a GOOD Friday....

Verdant Earl said...

Paige - always good to incorporate drinking in there somewhere. ;)

Lotus - Smarter than me is not saying much...some days. :)

FourLeafClover said...

Wow... I feel awesome to be mentioned here. Much better than winning an award... being mentioned. :)

Yes.. Sailor Clover was my high school self's Sailor Moon fanfic character. I would have called the blog Fourleafclover if it wasn't already reserved a hundred billion times. >:( Sailor Clover was free so I thoughts to myself "Meh - why not?"

All around good egg. :)

Verdant Earl said...

4Leaf - thought as much about the Sailor Clover thingie. Never got into Sailor Moon myself, but it sounds like a lotta fun! ;)

Bat-Hubs said...

Thanks dude, and I know the whole superman thing... phft! It was the wifey and our good friend, I am the diva, that got me into this. I must admit I'm slakin' a bit but it will pick up! Thanks again!
On a scale of 1 to 10 b.e.earl is

Verdant Earl said...


livesbythewoods said...

What a lovely idea. I might nick it.

And I suggest you check out Whoopee.


It is consistently amusing and very clever.

Kat said...

Thanks baby! I'll try to post more :o) While you're waiting, check out captain marrrrk. He's linked off my page. I think he's vary funny...and he posts a lot!

Verdant Earl said...

livesbythewoods - thanks for stopping by. I'll check it out.

Kat - I've lurked there before. Maybe even commented once or twice.

TK Kerouac said...


I think you should link my private blog too
because it has all of the juice


and I'll send your readers a private invite


Verdant Earl said...

TK - already over there on my sidebar. ;)

Grump said...

For some unknown [to me] reason I thought I was on your blog roll. Maybe because you are on mine. I have a blog for you. She writes infrequently and at times with a lot of hurt and emotion. She is hard, honest, and tough. But she also has a sense of humour and veracity. She goes by the name RN Buffoon. or Me, Myself Eye. http://rnbuffoon.blogspot.com/
Cheers Mark