Feb 1, 2008


So, so happy that "Lost" is back on the air...even if only for 8 episodes or so.

I've run the gamut of emotions and opinions about the show since it first started. I loved it at first...the interesting characters, the locale, the Sci-Fi plot. Then it started to wear on me. It started to bore me to tears when they wouldn't give us any answers, just more questions. I wanted just a little some-some, anything to get me back to loving the show.

Chris Rock had a great bit on Stevie Wonder that summed up perfectly how I felt about "Lost" at this point. He said that with all the technological advances that mankind has made (space travel, genetic engineering, etc..) why hasn't anyone figured out a way for Stevie Wonder to get a peek. Not his full eyesight back, just a fucking peek. Why can't we get Stevie a mother-fucking peek?

That's all I wanted. A mother-fucking peek!

I didn't want the whole thing explained to me. I didn't want all the answers. But I felt I was owed at least a peek. Me and Stevie.

Then they started giving us a few answers. A couple of peeks into the mystery of the island. I was hooked again. Then last season's finale came and rocked my world. Holy crap...what a great episode.

So it was with pins and needles that I sat anticipating last night's episode, and when it finally came and went I felt that it came through with the goods on so many levels. Hurley episodes are always great, and this one didn't disappoint.

So here we go. For the next 7 weeks or so I will be glued to the tube every Thursday night eagerly awaiting the next clue to the puzzle. They've got me again.

By the way, just who do you think the Oceanic 6 are? We know three of them already, but the other three are still unknown to the viewing audience. Roll your mouse over the last three characters to see my guess. Its not based on any spoilers...just my best guess.

The Oceanic 6
Locke - I think he was the one in the coffin, but why that neighborhood?
Sayid - No real reason, but it just feels right.

Claire (plus baby) - Because of Charlie's sacrifice.

What do you think?

PS - Nothing new at MovieGrenade! I'm just saying.


Kat said...

Gosh. I dunno. They're so good at throwing wrenches in everywhere. Locke is dead set on staying so it probably ain't him. I'd like to hope Sayid but he's too much of a warrior and will probably go down at some point. Sawyer just wants to survive so maybe him but Murphy will probably get in the way. Claire is a strong candidate. They've ignored her a little so to kill her off would be boring and she has no reason to stay. Either one of Sun or Jin will probably be in. Both would be too much of a happy ending. And I would bet Sun if I had to choose.

So Claire, Sun and hmmm...Ben. There. I think...

Verdant Earl said...

Except Ben wouldn't be a survivor of Oceanic 815. He'd just be a dude who was picked up on an island.

Sun is an interesting choice. I dunno. I've actually read that Claire may not survive and that Kate takes her identity...how she is able to avoid the authorities in the US. I don't buy that either.

elizabeth said...

I didn't watch it. Now I wish I had. So I have nothing to say here. I got nuttin.

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - Did you just miss this episode, or do you not watch Lost at all?

Kat said...

Shit. I wasn't even thinking about that. So I guess Juliet won't be leaving either.

I hadn't heard that about Kate. But really she could steal anyone's identity.

Hey...what about Walt and Michael? They've already left. Wouldn't they be counted in this? Will we see them again? If that was the case then it only leaves one.
Too many possibilities!

Verdant Earl said...

Michael is supposed to be back on the show at some point this year, I think.

Slyde said...

michal AND Walt will be returning this season, so iguess michael's plan to get off the island didnt go so well...

FourLeafClover said...

It was an awesome episode. You are right... Hurley eps never let you down.

Thanks for blocking out the spoiler parts. I know Diva's only on season two. ;)

My favorite line of the episode was: "I'm dead but I'm still here!"

Hmmm - who are the other three? Bat-Hubs thinks maybe John in in the coffin so Locke might be one? I'm not feeling Sayid but possibily Sawyer...?

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Michael was a tool! He deserves to come back for an ass-kicking. Jack style!!!

4leaf - I'm agreeing with Bat-hubs on that one, but I don't see Sawyer surviving. I think his tragic life will have a tragic ending. Sorry, ladies!