Mar 6, 2008

Under Construction

I've been reading a lot more blogs lately, so I've been gradually adding them over there on the left under "BUG-EYED NEW LINKS". I think its about time I merged the two lists together, as the second list is now longer than the first list. That's only if I can find an easy way to do it (any suggestions?). I'm gonna do some cleanup on them as well, maybe list them alphabetically1,2 or something. Who knows?

A lot of the new links came from my blog love post in which I asked y'all to suggest, um, new links. So feel free to keep the suggestions coming. I'd rather be blogging than sleeping anyway.

1 - So no complaining (Slyde) when your link moves from the top of the list to somewhere else.
2 - Hey, I learned how to use superscript in html! Well, it was big news to me. Pfft!

Dead Sexy Update - Well, that was both a pain and, frankly, easier than I thought it could be. Leave me alone...I'm complicated.


Globus said...

thanks for the link. and globus maintains that watchmen was moore's finest hour :-)

Verdant Earl said...

Yeah...maybe the finest hour by any comic-book creator. Tough to judge Moore's "best" stuff though. V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing's "American Gothic" storyline, The Killing Joke, The Bojeffries Saga, etc...

All some of the best stuff out there.

Poppy said...

AGH! GD blogger. My credentials keep getting wiped out.

I have no suggestions, I'm just trying to let you know: Nice job on learning superscript! (Smartass remark withheld because we don't know each other well enough yet. :)

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - what credentials? And feel free to let the smartass remarks fly. I was kinda being sarcastic about the superscript comment. A silly monkey could figure it out, but it usually takes me longer. ;)

Donna said...

Yours is getting bigger and mine is getting smaller. (that sounds weird.)

I use google reader and I just halved my reads. I probably will take that down a bit too.

It gets overwhelming when you have a lot of links and you (well, I do) sorta start to feel bad when you can't read them all. So now I have the ones I always read no matter what and a couple of others that I like and read when I get a chance.

Oddly, you went right into my blogs I read no matter what. It must be the tattoo.

Verdant Earl said...

Miss Ann - Come for the tat, stay for the boring posts. That's what I always say.