Jun 12, 2008


So I started writing something last night. Out of the blue and with no preparation at all. I just sat on the bed with the Cubs game on in the background and started typing. I looked up a couple of hours later and I had written the first two chapters of what may actually turn out to be a novel. Then I moved onto the Yankee game and I kept on a typin'.

I'm not quite sure how this happened.

I've always wanted to write, but I've also always been far to lazy to commit to the process. A few years ago I went as far as to research some things for a Horror novel I wanted to write, and I even drafted an outline. It never went anywhere.

One of the reasons I started contributing to Slyde's blog all those years ago (and eventually starting my own) was so that I could write something other than financial reviews and interoffice memos. Something that would hopefully use whatever nugget of creativity that might still reside in my addled brain.

It just never happened.

Then last night Gia went to bed early. She wasn't feeling very well and she needed to lay down. Before she retired she mentioned that she was running out of books to read (she has been on a tear lately) and that she was going to head to the library today to look for something new. Something in her favorite genre. Coming of age books.

So I sat down and started writing my own. Maybe I'm writing it for her. And the words and characters and the situations just came to me. Effortlessly. It was strange and heady stuff.

I'm gonna head on down this road for a little while and see where it takes me.

Very odd.

Any advice I can ignore from my fellow bloggers?

PS - I used Blogger's new Blog Roll add-in to import my Google Reader feeds over to my sidebar. I'm likin' it! - Earl


RW said...

Wonderful! The only thing to think about is what the story is doing. Follow it. Try to do X amount of words a day even if you toss 80% of them out. Don't be afraid to get rid of entire sections if it dead ends you. Go back to where you were flying. The delete button is your friend. Don't let one single idea escape you - make notes on things and have a pen on you or nearby. Don't worry about how long it's supposed to be to fit into this or that genre. Then be ready to rewrite it, because folks who think they get it in one take are always wrong. If it falters, set it aside - don't pitch the whole thing. Spending a week away from it is sometimes a good thing. You'd be surprised how some things that you thought were great look like they suck after you've been away from it for a while. Then ask yourself - wtf would make somebody actually want to read this? Make it so that someone would want to turn the page. But this is a great moment! Tap into it & GOGOGOGOGO!

Avitable said...

As I have not yet managed to successfully write something myself, I have no advice to ignore.

i am the diva said...

Advice to be ignored:

Try not to edit. Just write write write. The editing can come later.

Good luck!!

Verdant Earl said...

RW - that's a lot of advice to ignore. I'll do my best. ;)

Avi - how am I supposed to ignore the nada advice? CRAP!

Diva - Ignore Ignore Ignore. Got it.

Anonymous said...

OOOh - Good advice from the Diva, as usual. :) I have to agree with her. Just pour out as much as you can from your head to the page. Editing and prettifying it up can come later. The ideas need to get down first before you lose 'em! :shock:

Bruce Johnson said...

Wow, I feel like I am starting to watch a the tiny sapling of a redwood break ground and reach for the sky....then again, it might just be a weed.....time will tell.

(writing = it is what I do to keep from going 'postal')

Verdant Earl said...

Teeni - doing it toing it, or something like that.

Lotus - most likely a weed.

white rabbit said...

Oh dear....

Writing is like crystal meth - seriously addictive. There's nothing you can do about it though. Just keep writing. It will drive you nuts but you can't help it. Actually, it is great (the writing process that is). The shit comes with trying to sell/promote it but shit happens.

Wanna co-found Novelists Anonymous?

'I'm Earl and I'm a writeoholic'.

Verdant Earl said...

WR - I wish I were a writeoholic. But I've been to lazy to commit to it. I need a kick in the ass.

tina said...

writing is a habit...to get better you need to do it as often as you can, as regularly as you can. even on days when the words just don't come. :)

of course, nothing beats inspiration :D keep writing! hope you finish your novel.

Verdant Earl said...

Tina - thanks...another chapter last night. We'll see if I can keep it going.

elizabeth said...

Awesome. Writing it for her? That's totally amazingly sweet... remember that one when you finish it and write your dedication.

PS - I want a signed copy - with a damn good message in it.