Sep 22, 2008

The End of an Era

Last night was the final game ever to be played at Yankee Stadium.

Oh sure, yeah there will be another Yankee Stadium next year. And purists will argue that the current stadium isn't really the same one that Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle played in because of the mid-70's renovations. But I don't remember the old stadium. I became a fan of the Yankees in 1972 when I was 6 and my memory is pretty strong, but not strong enough to remember the old stadium except for old highlight reels. Especially since I never visited the stadium until after the 1975 season.

So watching the final game played at my personal baseball shrine was a sad event indeed. Especially considering how disappointing of a year that they (and we) have had to endure. I've been to the stadium hundreds of times over the years. When they were great and when they were not-so great. It was almost always a wonderful time.

I'll remember Reggie Jackson and Willie Randolph and Thurman Munson. Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield and Dave Righetti. Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams and David Wells. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada. Six glorious championships in my lifetime and endless moments of exciting baseball sprinkled throughout.

I'm gonna miss it.

That is all.

Tomorrow: Back to dick and fart jokes.


Anonymous said...

Growing up in New Jersey, I was a big Dodger fan. They'd already moved to California, of course, but since my father was a Dodger fan, I was a Dodger fan. It was mandatory to hate the Yankees, by the way.

But, what I'm wondering is, do any little boys cheer for teams other than the ones their dads cheered for?

Slyde said...

dammit, and i was FINALLY going to go there for my first time, next week.

I guess i waited a tad too long..

Verdant Earl said...

MikeB - family wasn't very big on baseball. My mother grew up a Dodger fan, but when I was growing up most of my family were mild NY Mets fans. I, being the contrarian, decided that I was a Yankee fan at the age of 6, and the Yankees were TERRIBLE in '72. The next year the Mets played the A's in the World Series...and I rooted for the A's and Reggie Jackson. It might have been different had my father been a big baseball fan, but he wasn't.

Slyde - Never been to Yankee Stadium, eh? One more strike against you. That's 97, if you lost count.

RW said...

The most recent trend in new ballparks is to try and make them look like old ballparks. What would be funny is if the new Yankee Stadium is built to look like the new old Yankee Stadium before the renovation of the original old Yankee Stadium in the 70's.

Ow. that made me dizzy....

Heff said...

Yep, you almost lost me. Bring on the dick and fart jokes 1

Verdant Earl said...

RW - That's exactly what they did. The new stadium looks more like the old stadium than the old/new stadium since 75. Phew!

Heff - I'll try not to disappoint. :)

pure evyl said...

I don't suppose it will be the same and that's a shame.

Although it doesn't have the same mystique, I'll probably feel much the same when the Cowboys stop playing in Texas Stadium next year.

Barlinnie said...

Treasure your memories and pass them on to your kids and grandkids.

Bugsy, nothing lasts forever pal.

Anonymous said...

Yankee baseball...Beautiful as a rock in a Red Sox fan's face.

Verdant Earl said...

Evyl - Wow, I didn't know that was coming down the pike. That's a shame.

Jimmy B - it will have to be passed down to the nieces and nephews. My fine lady and I have decided not to grace the world with our spawn. Probably better that way.

WLC - That would make a nice t-shirt or bumper sticker.

Michelle said...

b.e. i feel your pain! I do!! Although, its been a very long time since i've been to Yankee Stadium or since i've watched the Yankees play at all!!!

Still, i feel your pain!!


marty mankins said...

I've never been to Yankee Stadium. The two times I've been to NYC, there were no games going on, so I never got a chance.

I have been to Fenway, and am wondering when the day will come when that stadium will meet it's fate? I hope not anytime soon.

Verdant Earl said...

Marty - I hate the Sox with a passion, but I love the city of Boston and Fenway Park. Never should it be torn down. Same with Wrigley. Wrigley = baseball heaven.