Nov 19, 2009


No, not that Avatar.  Although I'm holding onto cautious optimism for it.  It most likely will suck, but hey...Cameron has rarely let us down before.  Right?  Even if he does come off like a dick in some interviews.

I'm talking about my avatar.  You know, this one right here:

I'm thinking about trading it in for something new.  Maybe even a picture of myself like all the other adults out there use.  I am, after all, 43 now.  Oh, thanks for all the "Happy Birthday" wishes yesterday in the comments.  You kids are the fucking best!

So while I wrestle with this obviously life-changing decision, maybe y'all could jump in and let me know what you think.  Should the old Green Man stay or should I change things up a bit?  And if it's the latter, then gimme a suggestion or two.

No, Slyde...I will not be doing any full frontal nudity.  Nothing from behind either, ya big queen ya!

Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day.  And no, I won't be going back to the blinking Bug-Eyed Earl.  That ship has sailed. 


Water Logged Canine said...

Keep the mystery ALIVE! Don't let your fans in on the "hairlip" situation. Because you're mine...I walk the "lip-to-nose" line. Two people will get that joke.

Dave2 said...

Meh... you were already outed in Dave York photos! Might as well put a name to the face so people can feel like they know you better!

And happy birfday. :-)

Barlinnie said...

I've always pictured you as Pammy Andersons dumplings. Why spoil the party?

Mik said...

Happy birthday, I was 43 this year too. I finally added pictures of myself to my blog. I think after 43 years I am finally comfortable with the way my face has grown in :)

Mrs. Hall said...

For me the avatar is a safety thing. I had had me but all the 'gee yer a babe' comments were a bit much. I mean, I know I'm a babe . . ;)

ok maybe not exactly what I meant but. for more safety and "i am not here trolling for action' reasons I don't have my photo.

but my avatar evokes what I'm all about ;)

so there, some advice I guess :)

sybil law said...


Slyde said...

unfortunately, i already know what you look like.

no need to punish the rest of the world, too....

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday!

Why not a picture of you slightly photoshopped to a greenish hue? Kinda like sticking your toe in the pool. :-)

Verdant Earl said...

Doggie - I'm not even sure I get that joke.

Dave2 - And the ReNYC photos. I'm not so mysterious anymore.

Jimmy - Well, if you have Ms. Anderson in mind when you think of me then the party will truly be spoiled.

Mik - Oh, I'm still not comfy with my face. But at this rate I will never be, so...

Holly - I gotta be honest, I can barely make out your avatar. Too much detail for such a small photo. :(

Sybil - Mine will probably have more than a few fingers in front of my face. Maybe an entire hat or something.

Slyde - Actually your avatar is one of my favorites. It never fails to crack me up, guinea t-shirt guy!

Verdant Earl said...

Le Sombre - I kinda dig that idea. Or maybe something with a green shock wig. Nah...too far. But maybe the hulked-out green hue. :)

savannah said...

i LIKE y'alls avatar, sugar! in fact, yesterday i saw a terra cotta "verdant dude" and thought of y'all immediately. besides, y'all have shown a pic before (y'all are darling!) and y'alls tat is shown, so what the hell yanno? ;~D xoxoxo

so keep the avatar.

That Hank said...

Here you go, bro:

hello haha narf said...

some places i have my face as my avatar (when i comment) and other places i have my dogs (twitter) or my shoes (flickr). so my vote is mix it up!


p.s. my spam word to type is oogete and for some reason that makes me laugh.

Avitable said...

I say go with a picture. It's nice to put a bearded face with the name.

Water Logged Canine said...

I'm not caving. You either get me or you don't, but I'm not gonna just give it away like as if my name was Kiedis.

PS--You could always shop for something in the "Han Solo of avatars" aisle.

PPS--There is no way that movie is going to be any good. A Titanic failure guaranteed.

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - A terra cotta Dude? Love it!

Hank - I love that pic. Great idea!

Becky - Hmmm...maybe I will go with the dual avatar route. That's a fine idea.

Avitable - we bearded folk have to stick together. (I saw that you re-grew the beard)

Doggie - Aha! Joaquin Phoenix...hare lip...walk the line. I get it!!! Nicely done, Chewie!

Mrs. Hall said...

It's Sarah Brightman in a purple flowing dress. Not a huge fan but ya know, purple flowing dress.

do the colors do anything?

maybe I need to find a dress photo. good to get feedback though :)

Mrs. Hall said...

bah. it takes effort to make it bigger.

maybe I should go back to the babe shot. but in purple.


ok good discussion.

Ren said...

I'm a fan of self-portrait avatars, but I like your Verdant Dude face(s), too.

Yes, I'm a fence-sitter on this topic.

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - Don't you go changin' for me!

Ren - Playing both sides of the arguemment, eh? Nicely done!

Raine said...

I <3 the Green Man

Verdant Earl said...

Raine - Heya! And aw shucks... ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

I can remember way back when you had the bug-eyed guy for a screen image. The verdent dude was a big improvement. I for one like blogs to be comfortable and unchanging (except for the text). I would leave it the way it is. Unless you of course you want to opt of Angelina Jolie in a thong....that would be cool.

As for Avatar, I have high hopes, I have been picking apart the trailers and hope to see it in 3D in an Imax, since that is how Cameron shot it and expects it to be seen. Supposed to be a quantum leap in 3D cinema.