Nov 9, 2009

The blind squirrel...

...even finds a nut once in a blue moon.

Saturday Night Live is a prime example of that.  For every week that they have a Justin Timberlake hosting when just about everything they do is spot-on, they run ten weeks in a row of pure drek.  And Saturday's episode was pretty bad all-around.  From the opening skit with Kristen Wiig impersonating Greta Van Susteren (not awful)  to just about anything Taylor Swift was involved in (she was really awful*), it was a classic case of SNL mediocrity.  Except for one shining light.

The semi-dependable SNL Digital Short.

Now, I haven't seen Twilight. But that hasn't stopped me from making fun of it. Or enjoying spoofs of it. Like this one. Way to go SNL...for a change.

*I did appreciate her "Stick around...Kanye West is NOT here" comment at the end of her musical monologue.  That's about it though.

Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Lazy fucking blogger.


Dave2 said...

I didn't care about the "Firelight" parody, but thought that Taylor Swift's monologue was genius. Who knew?

Barlinnie said...

Forgive me Lord, for I know not what of you speak.

The European divide was too great on this occasion pal.

Verdant Earl said...

Dave2 - Eh, besides the jabs at Kanye I didn't really enjoy it.

Jimmy - Ah, the sad case of Hulu only working in the States. Sorry, pal.

Slyde said...

i thought this weeks digital short was shit.

and while the skits were the usual crap, i thought Swift was actually pretty good in them.

white rabbit said...

Nope - No Hulu here!

I shall complain to somebody or the other... Or possibly not.

The blind squirrel even finds a nut once in a blue moon.

Sounds like the sort of thing that bloke off 'The Water Margin' used to say.

Followed by 'Grasshopper' of course/

i am the diva said...

i thought 1.21 Gizawatts was pretty okay... but mostly i fell asleep... snore.


Water Logged Canine said...

Remember when Phil Hartman used to do the Frankenstein character? The digital short made me take pause for one of the fallen geniuses of SNL. There have been far too many.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Wow. I thought she was awful.

Wabbit - I like mixing metaphors.

Diva - The best part of that skit were the guys cracking up at the end. Felt like a Carol Burnett Show episode.

WLC - It's like a curse or something.

Slyde said...

the thing about that jizzawat sketch is that they have done it like 3 times now, and they break up EVERY time they do it. its never been done with all of them not breaking up.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - and you can't tell me Taylor Swift added ANYTHING to that sketch. She was awful.

Dr Zibbs said...

Pretty lame but it's nice to see her without that heavy eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

I agree that SNL has been pretty bad since the Timberlake episode, but I actually thought this one was better than most of those. And I thought Swift did a fine job -- much better than your average first-time host. Her Kate Gosselin impression was the best part of The View skit. (She was pointless in the jizzawatt sketch, I'll give you that.)

I was happy to see Poehler back for "Really?", though it was a fairly weak rendition.

Water Logged Canine said...

To me, it's a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, "Hey, can you give me a hand?"
you can say, "Sorry, got these sacks."-Jack Handey

sybil law said...

I second Ren on "The View" skit - she wasn't the worst host[ess?] I've ever seen!
I am so forking glad I have never seen or read Twilight. I seriously have no. interest.

Avitable said...

I thought Taylor was pretty awesome, and that digital short was great. It was the best episode in a while.