Mar 1, 2011

Bang Bang!

Because my mind is all a-flutter and I have a lot on my mind, get bullets.  It's been a while, so let's get down to it boppers.
  • My humble thanks to the handful of you who showed up for the Oscars chat here on Sunday night.  Apparently, my name is now Arl.  Ask Sybil Law why that is.
  • I've got an exciting new project (at least to me) brewing that I'll tell y'all about a bit later in the week.  Did your nipples just get hard?  Mine did.
  • I don't know if you've been paying attention, but there seems to be a lot of UFO hoaxes going on lately.  That thing in Jerusalem.  There was one near Pittsburgh, although that was probably just airplanes or weather balloons or something.  And Peru is always good for a couple of sightings a month.  I'm actually shocked that there hasn't been MORE sightings/hoaxes.  I'm done with it.  Hey alien race!  If you're out there, show yer goddamned faces.  Or whatever it is you have that would be, er, something like a face.
  • Holy shit, it's March already!
  • I fully expect gasoline prices to exceed $5 a gallon by the middle of the summer.  Which means I ain't going anywhere.  How the hell are we still using fossil fuel to get from here to there?  I thought 2011 was well into the idealistic "future" that we all read about when we were kids.  Sure...those tablets we all use are kinda cool.  Still...
  • My cats are nuts.  Wolowitz feels compelled to play fetch for the better part of 2 hours each night.  And Bootsy Collins isn't happy unless he's fucking with my shit.  AND it's apparently time to get the new dude snipped, because he's a warbling mess.  Good thing Gogo is a skittish bag of nerves who spends the majority of each day hiding from the other cats.  One less freak to worry about. 
  • Speaking of Wolowitz, go and do a Google Image search for "Wolowitz" and "cat".  Go ahead...I'll wait.  Yup...the first two pics are of my cat.  I would have thought it was a much more popular name.  Go figure.
  • Anyone else but me wanna see a dual interview on Oprah with Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi?  I think they share the same crazy mind.  And how many different spellings does Gaddafi have for his name?  Qaddafi? Ghadafi? Qhadafi? Mr. Sane?  Eh...who I am to say.  I've been known to go by Arl in some drunken circles.
That's it.  Go home kids, yer botherin' me.


Slyde said...

and if you do a Google image search of "stud manly", you see a picture of my nuts.

Slyde said...

p.s. you totally ripped off that old Chevy Chase Saturday Night Live skit where he listed all the spellings of Gaddafi. As the list got longer and longer, they intersperced it with words like "Atari", "Camero", "Chicago".... fun fun.

hello haha narf said...

why am i the only one tired of charlie sheen and talking about him?

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - That old SNL skit with Chevy Chase? My God, old ARE you?

Becky - Because you got some sense in your head? I dunno. I've been hating on him too until he decided to do a press tour. Now it's just too much genius for me to ignore. Even though I should.

sybil law said...

Oh, Arl- you know I have great typing skillz!

It had nothing to do with drinking! Well, okay, Maybe. But I swear to you, my keyboard sticks when I'm in that room! I even told my husband about it. Eh. Whatever. Not the first time I've been a hot mess. :)
I had a great time, again, though- thanks for hosting!
Wolowitz is the shizz.
I really wish I had a transporter by now or something. Fucking future FAIL.

Verdant Earl said...

Ybil - The keyboard sticks? What's going on over there? ;)