Mar 27, 2011

New Episide tonight at 9PM EST - JTTTC

And some news about upcoming episodes.  From The Colonel:

Hey Stalkers, tonight at 9 pm Earl and The Colonel will be doing our preview of PITCHERS.  Earl and the Colonel will stray away from boring talk about how good Halladay and King Felix are, and will be focusing on pitchers who may overachieve or underachieve in this upcoming Major League season.   We also will be having a discussion on top pitching performances we've seen.  Feel free to chime in with your opinions or stories of your own.  
We will be recapping our selections for division winners as well as our picks for MVP, Cy Young and Rookie or the Year. 
We will look to open the phone lines around 9:50, so feel free to pose questions in the chat room or dial in. 
Upcoming shows:  
Thursday, March 31st at 8:00 pm, to coincide with the start of the Major League season, JTTTC will be having a very special show in which we discuss 25 Reasons to Love Baseball This Year.
Sunday April 9th at 9:00 - Earl and the Colonel welcome former Major Leaguer Nikco Reisgo and Russ Cohen, co-authors of:
"Strike Three!” - A Player’s Journey through the Infamous Baseball Strike of 1994
“Strike Three!” deals with the cancellation of the 1994 World Series and the replacement players who followed. Both of these events were historic and Nikco Riesgo was one of the first players to cross the proverbial picket line and put his career on the line for the good of the game. In his own words, ” This book re-lives my real life experience during the Major League Baseball strike of 1994 and why I decided to play against the enormous pressures of the Major League Players Union - to unify all professional players within one union, from the minor leagues to the majors. Any player who dares to play this “Game” must read this book and share it someday with their grandkids. You will never forget this.”
So join us tonight at 9 using the following link:
Or as usual you can listen to the show on I-Tunes when its posted during the week:
Have a happy Sunday and talk to you soon!!
Earl and The Colonel

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