Dec 12, 2011

Christmas Giving

I dig Christmas.

I dig Christmas music.

I dig Christmas movies.

I dig giving and receiving Christmas gifts.

I hate Christmas commercials.

Especially the ones where a husband tricks his wife into thinking the small box he is giving her is a piece of jewelery, when it's actually the keys to a brand new BMW parked with a huge honkin' bow in their snow-swept driveway.

Have you ever given a car to a loved one for Christmas? Has anyone in your family? Has anyone you have ever met done it? Has everyone anyone in your family ever met someone who has done it?

I fucking hate those commercials most of all.

But I dig Christmas itself. That's something.


That Hank said...

MY dd hs given my mom a car for Christmas at least once, possibly several times. And I am pretty sure he's given one or more to one of us kids at Christmas as well. That sounds impressive, except that he's a used car dealer and he regularly "gives" my mom new-used cars and sells her old one. So it's more like, "Here is a Mini Cooper for you to enjoy driving for a year or two, until I swap it out when I find something else you will enjoy or someone who really wants to buy it." Also, no giant bows.

Dave2 said...

May Saltalamacchia be with you this fine holiday season!

RW said...

I like Christmas cookies...

Slyde said...

i have given you a car EVERY damn christmas since ive known you.

You just never have noticed... the fucking things are starting to collect rust out there!

Paticus said...

I'm also sorta creeped out by the Best Buy ads this Christmas with the people being all threatening to Santa.

Verdant Earl said...

Hank - Well, that makes a bit of sense. The lack of a giant bow nullifies the entry, however. ;)

Dave2 - And to you as well, my son.

RW - I despise Christmas cookies. But that's only because I don't really enjoy cookies of any variety, but colored sugary confections? Nah...I'll pass.

Slyde - All you ever gave me was heartache. Every year.

Paticus - I haven't seen those or maybe I just haven't noticed them. Rude to Santa? Redonk!

sybil law said...

I do know that people give cars as Christmas gifts, but only because my husband does work for the a local Lexus dealer, so I hear about it. My friend gave his wife a van for their anniversary this year - but he's the one with the nagging drunk, so maybe that bought him a few days of peace.

hello haha narf said...

the christmas and valentine ads are the worst. hate that they attempt to make good people feel shitty about not giving the biggest and most expensive.

marty mankins said...

I don't get the car. I never gave the car. I also don't get those ads. The jewelry ads are also just as bad, since the wife is always played by a Greedy Gretchen who can never be pleased until it's the perfect piece.

I like giving gifts more than receiving.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - If that vans-a-rockin, don't come-a-knockin!

Becky - Every gift begins with Kay! Ugh.

Verdant Earl said...

Marty - That's what the season is all about anywho. Right?