Dec 7, 2011

Holiday Food Ideas/Show of the ideas that my co-host had for Just Talking to the Cornfield in the off-season was to have a show specifically dedicated to Christmas food and recipes.  Which is odd, because he's Jewish. But I think he meant the "holidays", in general. Not just Christmas. Or he just hates his heritage. Let's move on...

Besides, I don't really know what Christmas food is anyway. In my family, we basically just did Thanksgiving all over again on Christmas Day.  Maybe a spiral ham in addition to a turkey. I just don't remember anything memorable about Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner.  I know some of my friends of Italian descent do the whole Seven Fishes thing on Christmas Eve. I don't know what that is about. Sounds good though.

Here's my thought. We are gonna do a show sometime in the next two weeks about Holiday Food including recipes and suggestions. You can be a part of it. Either by joining us during the broadcast (I'll let you know when that will be), or by commenting here with your suggestions or recipes, or by emailing me your suggestions and recipes to babyburke at aol dot com.

I'll then post all the recipes and/or suggestions to our collaborative food blog after it is all said and done for everyone to enjoy.  What do you think?

Do it to it, peoples!  FUN!


sybil law said...

We've done different things in my family over the years, but yeah - I don't remember anything special. Well, except we used to make cookies every year - when I was younger, my mom made an absolute shit ton of different types of cookies.

hello haha narf said...

family christmas eve parties are usually with some sort of roast beef type main course, but the sides vary. christmas brunch always consists of the best frittatas in the world (several just meat, several just veggie), cinnamon apple french toast, a ham, incredible toast made from english muffin bread, and fruit whatever anyone brings, if anything. we go for both a ham and a turkey on christmas usually, but if the gathering will be unusually small we will do some sort of filet. sides vary, but uncle russ must make mashed potatoes or the holiday just isn't quite right. it should be noted that the italian fish thing is honored with cold shrimp cocktail trays both christmas eve and christmas night.
i wasn't a help, was i?