Dec 22, 2011

See ya after the holidays!

We had a freakin' blast of a time on Just Talking to the Cornfield Wednesday night. You should'a been there. Or maybe you were. Either way, you can catch a replay on Talkshoe or iTunes. I actually may have been semi-coherent for the show, but I'm not sure. A half a bottle of bourbon can play tricks on your mind.

So the next week and a half are gonna be busy. Gia is down in Charleston with her family for Christmas. I stayed up here to look after the cat harem and see my family for the holiday.  But I'm heading down there for New Year's Eve and Day. It's gonna be off da hook. And I'm gonna be REAL busy with work during this whole time. Year-end gets a bit nuts in my business. It is what it is.

With all that, I may not be blogging that much until the second week of January or so. But that's okay. You're a little sick of me anyway, right? RIGHT?

But I'll still be reading and commenting every once in a while. So don't you go changing.

Bottom line...Seasons Greetings, everyone!  Have a great Holiday season!


savannah said...

backatcha, sugar! take pictures if you mix the dressing! ;) xoxoxox

Water Logged Canine said...

Hey Man! Where'd you get this cocaine?! It smells like SHIT!

Avitable said...

Have a good Christmas, Santa.

hello haha narf said...

i'm not sick of you!
sorry i missed the show last night. i experienced technical difficulty and then one of my aunt's called to talk and talk and talk. good thing i adore her.
merry christmas, earl. hope it is spectacular!

hello haha narf said...

eek! stupid extra ' up there. sorry. aunt mary is one of my aunts.
all i want for christmas is to go one day without a damn typo. JUST ONE. make it happen, santa!

marty mankins said...

I need to make an effort to join in for the talk radio fun. Happy Holidays, enjoy SC for new years.

sybil law said...

I agree with WLC - it smells like shit!! WTH!
It was a lot of fun - lots of laughs!
I'm not remotely sick of you, either. I can't quit you, Earl!
Have fun working and herding the cats. Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then!