Dec 5, 2009

A couple of tributes

Liam Clancy, Irish folk singer and last remaining brother and member of Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, passed away this past Thursday at the age of 74. Bob Dylan in 1984 said "“I never heard a singer as good as Liam ever. He was just the best ballad singer I’d ever heard in my life. Still is, probably.”

Torrie Zito, pianist, bandleader and music arranger, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 76. That's Torrie up there playing piano and leading the band for Tony Bennett in that video. One of the things that Torrie was well-known for was working with John Lennon on his Imagine album arranging the strings. One of the things that Torrie was less-known for is that he was one of Gia's uncles.

Rest in Peace, Liam and Torrie.

Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.


Barlinnie said...

A sad loss to music in general. I think I still have the original single.

Dr Zibbs said...

Clancy Brothers. Good stuff.

Rental Property Chicago said...

Liam will be remembered for a long time because of his contribution to the music industry.Thank you for his
music. Condolences to his family and loved ones.

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - Ah, that's a keeper.

Zibbs - very good stuff.

RE Dude - thanks for stopping in.

Kate said...

Two music legends. My condolences to your Gia for her loss. "Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" was the number I heard performed at my high school by a guest jazz group that went "click" for me.. it's when I realized I loved the swing. And who doesn't love Tony?