Dec 30, 2009

Mostly straight

Had an interesting conversation with Gia earlier today. We were in the car and listening to Ron & Fez on XM and someone on the show said something like "that's absolutely wrong". And so we started talking about if something can be absolutely wrong or absolutely right. Not the idea, but the use of the word "absolutely" in front of right or wrong. Isn't it enough to say that something is right or wrong without qualifying how right or how wrong that something is?

In other words are their degrees of right and wrong? Or is their just right and wrong without any qualifiers?


Then we started to think of other examples. And one of them was gay and straight. Can someone be a little gay or really straight? I know some folks like to test the waters and do a little swimmin', if ya know what I mean. And I certainly know a few dudes who might be a little gay without actually jumping in, if that is possible.

And then Gia said that she thinks that someone can be a little gay or really straight, but that it might also be possible that some people who consider themselves really straight are probably at least a little gay.  You know, over-compensating and all.  So they went so far to the straight side that they may have wound up a bit on the nude gay beach.  Or that they secretly want to go swimming there, at least.

I think she's right.

And I'll always have to admit to being a little gay.  If only for my man-crushes on Nathan Fillion, Mark Harmon and Dave Grohl

Otherwise, all man.  That's me.  :)

PS - Do NOT do a Google Image search for "mostly straight" with SafeSearch off, by the way.  Unless, that is, you're a little gay.  Just sayin'.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. I also like an old Hollywood musical or two.  You gotta problem with that?


savannah said...

thanks for the postscript! ;~D xoxox

(vw: dingdong

Artful Kisser said...

I agree with Gia. I have a friend who would consider himself "really straight" and is a tad scared of those who are a "little gay". But the guy has a massive mancrush on Tony Romo and has a big, signed, framed shirt in pride of place - above his bed. Plus he was just a little too ecstatic when Tony broke up with Jessica Simpson. Maybe not "a little gay", but "absolutely gay - and in denial".

Mrs. Hall said...

Mr. Hall and I had this conversation :)

He draws differences based on gender lines. Women can be full on straight and still have had countless lesbian love fests. Because women loving each other is well . . . perfectly acceptable an encouraged in the world of Mr. Hall ;)

But, if men have any sort of um. . . back door action then they are full on gay. For this though, he doesn't like to to close his eyes and envision it so much (not like when he talks about lesbian love ;)

And really, I agree. SO!

It all comes down to the degree of physical interaction. Women can all the way and retain their straightness. Men even touching other men's wienies and they are gay.


either way, love is awesome, best to go get some!!

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - I felt it was important. :)

Kisser - That's awesome! As in awesomely gay! ;)

Holly - well I don't get that at all. Both of you are saying that women who dabble can be considered full on straight just because the idea of women having sex with each other is more pleasing to you than the idea of men having sex with each other, right? Um...wrong. And anyway, I really was really just trying to be funny here (most likely failed, per usual). Especially with my little admission of man-crushes at the bottom. I think absolutes in this area are anything but. Gay, straight, bisexual, trysexual, who cares?

white rabbit said...

There used to be a yuppie thing about saying 'absolutely' when they meant 'yes' - made me want to smack them VERY HARD INDEED.

Jus sayin...

ps fouled up bigtime on quiz today :D

pps wv mutpo

limpy99 said...

"I also like an old Hollywood musical or two."

Hoo boy, that's gay. Unless it's that dude who plays Wolverine belting out Oklahoma! Then who could cast a stone?

Slyde said...

you are pretty gay.

Verdant Earl said...

Wabbit - yeah, I forgot to change the topic on the quiz from last week. Sorry bout that.

Limpy - Hugh Jackman = gay icon. Even his name, fer crissakes! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Slyde - Or did you just mean I'm pretty? And witty? And gaaaaay!

Mrs. Hall said...

Let's back this up a bit (beep beep) . . .

I think there is a difference between thought, action and feelings. And this plays a huge role in whether or not one is gay. And yes, labels mean something. Gay means something, just like Mrs. means something.

Now, mind you, we live in Puritan society . . . I mean, debate of gay versus not gay doesn't really matter in Europe . . but I digress.

Men and women can have happy lovey thoughts about a person of the same sex and this is not an indicator of one's sexual orientation. It's just an indicator that Salma Hayek is a hottie. (shhh . . . :)

Now, if that person is a WOMAN and the thoughts go from lovey dovey to steamy and THEN if the thoughts go from steamy to sexual and THEN that woman acts on those thoughts and has a love fest with another woman it does not mean she is gay.

NOW if a man's thoughts go from lovey happy to steamy and sexual visuals and those those thoughts are of a man THAT'S KIND OF GAY. If they act on those steamy sexual thoughts THAT'S EVEN GAY-ER.

There is a difference between men and women and same sexual relations and what it means!

Now, if any of the above happens under the influence of drugs (like ecstasy) then none of this is valid. But I digress.

What truly makes the gay though, the real gay, is sustaining these thoughts/feelings and actions over time. Like years and years and more than three people.

Otherwise your just messing around.

Because whatever team you play for is the team you play for and your true colors will always show up in the end.

And what ever team you are on, you should be loud and proud. Cause it means something Earl!!

ok whew!!

you got me all fired up!!

Avitable said...

I have a man crush on Michael J. Fox.

Kaye Waller said...

Well, you're talking only about sex. Being gay has as much to do with emotional affection as being straight has. Unfortunately, people still think: HETEROsexual and homoSEXual. If our sexuality was based strictly on the physical, then my ex (as well as a lot of straight women) would be vibrasexual (to coin a word). Please don't forget that we GLBTs fall in love just like you do.

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - thanks for clarifying, but it still sounds like you are saying the same thing. ;)

Avitable - he's sooo cute!

Steph - Of course you are right. And you should know that I was mostly trying to be funny with this post. Taking the wind out of the sails of those guys that are "so straight" that they become homophobic. Gay and straight are just labels, and they are often mis-labeled.

Kaye Waller said...

I got that. ;)

Mrs. Hall said...


I agree with Steph!! It all comes down to feelings, thoughts and actions. This is what makes us what we are and who we love!!

The best sex, the best loving sex, begins when the heart and body is in harmony, when we are truly expressing our desires and act on them.

Really, it's about being connected emotionally, spiritually, and intimately with your partner. . this kind of naked is best to have before you get naked with another person! These are the building blocks!

And if everything is aligned just right, and you both have the truth of who you are, and you both have the love and steamy thoughts and feelings it all collides! And then it builds and builds making awesome all around!!

and yes, vibrators should be part of any love making equation!!

Wait, that's not what you said . . tee hee hee

whew, i need a cold shower ;)

Callie said...

mmmmm . . . Salma Hayek . . . *drool*

I'm sorry - what was today's topic? I seem to have forgotten . . .


marty mankins said...

I knew it was ok to be straight and have an open man crush on Dave Grohl.

Verdant Earl said...

Steph - just checking. :)

Holly - yeah. Go Steph, go!

Marty - Welcome to the club.

sybil law said...

Lay off my man Grohl, dude. Otherwise, it's gonna get all ugly in here. Seriously. I'll cut a bitch!
Otherwise, absolutely can only be used in terms like, "Dave Grohl is absolutely the sexiest man alive!".
Next to Earl. But I better not say that before Slyde gets all up in my shit.

justsomethoughts... said...

dave grohl ?!
i think i just vomited a bit.

is bisexual "a little gay" ?
or is that a totally different animal...

RW said...

You're absolutely wrong.


Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - yeah, ya wouldn't want to deal with Slyde when he gets his panties in a ruffle.

Duderino - I think you need to read the post again. And click on that link in the postscript. :)

RW - There it is! That's what I was waiting for. :)

Dave2 said...

Meh. Everything is subjective.

Absolutely everything. :-)