Mar 23, 2010

Fantasy Baseball, anyone?

So I've been contemplating running a fantasy baseball league for this little corner of the blogosphere.

Here's the deal:
  • It would be a fantasy points based league instead of Rotisserie.  I've done both over the years and I simply don't enjoy Roto.  A friend and I developed the point system that I would like to use almost twenty years ago and we are still using it to this day.  
  • The league would be automated on Yahoo! or CBSportsline and it would require setting weekly lineups. 
  • The way the league would be set up would mirror a lot of actual MLB action and rules.  Salary cap (well, the MLB doesn't have that...yet), trade deadlines, waiver moves, etc...  Details will follow if there are enough folks interested.
  • It would be a serious league for serious baseball fans.  Not something that someone could pay attention to for draft day only and let it play out.  No way.  I would only want people who would be really into it.  People who know the game or who are willing to get their hands dirty and learn.
  • It probably wouldn't be a money league, mostly because I don't know most of you in real life and giving money to strangers (like me) is a dubious affair at times.  But maybe there would be some kind of prizes.  I don't know...haven't figured that all out yet.  Besides, I'm gonna win anyway. ;)
So if you are interested, please drop me a line via email.  Yeah, I'm closing comments on this one if only because I only want serious inquiries.  My email address is on my profile page, so that adds another layer of seriousness to the whole deal.  If you have the patience to go find it and then actually send the email, well then I guess you mean business.

And by business, I mean baseball.

If I get 10 (or more) folks into it, then it will be on like Donkey Kong.  I'll follow up with the true believers by email.

If you aren't sure, but you would like to know more please send me an email as well.


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