Mar 8, 2010

Oscar Hangover

It's over and we did it. We live-blogged the Oscars. Thanks to all those who showed up.
  • Holly Hall
  • Water Logged Canine
  • Savannah
  • Sir Begley Braveheart
  • RW
  • Candy
  • Sybil Law
  • Anyone else who I forgot because I'm tired.
And a big congratulations to The Dude.  I like yer style.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. That was fun.


Barlinnie said...

Uh-huh.. at last a face that even I recognise. Tom Hanks, right?

LegalMist said...

Wow, you are so much more technologically adept than I am, to even try to set that up. Wow.

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - Close, no ceegar.

LM - it was actually tres, tres facile.

savannah said...

sorry, i couldn't stay, but...the dude abides! xoxoxo

Water Logged Canine said...

I'm still smiling...thanks to everyone...that was fun. Makes this Monday bearable.

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - hey, it doesn't matter how long that you stayed. You showed up, and that makes you cool in my book.

WLC - You were there? ;)

Slyde said...

oh, was that last night. i thought it was tomorrow.


Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - No problem. Most of the stuff we were throwing around probably would have been over your head anyway. Dumbing down our act for you would have been oh so tedious.

sybil law said...

It was fun!! Even with my crappy keyboard. Or, typing.

sybil law said...

Plus, that story you told about Slyde- AWESOME.

Slyde said...

hey now!

Sybil, i thought we had a thing, you and me...

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - that's "hat" he gets for not showing up. ;)

Slyde - I thought you had a thing with Derk. He's dreamy.

Mrs. Hall said...

was fun. offt. sorry I couldn't stay awake. the pregnancy tireds got me, in fact, I find myself napping involuntarily. like a house cat. :)

i really wanted to stay but, I was out 20 minutes after I logged off.

Glad the dude one though.

He was, indeed, looking very Verdant.


Water Logged Canine said...

Am I the only one that thinks they CGI'd that bucket of chicken in "Precious Based on the novel Push by Sapphire?" I ask because I don't believe that actress could really eat a whole bucket of fried chicken.

Too soon?

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - the dude abides.

WLC - Dunno...haven't seen the movie yet. Wait...was that a chunky lady joke? Nice!

Water Logged Canine said...

The Hurt Locker was such a great film...for a movie made by a woman.

Verdant Earl said...

WLC - yeah, they should have a different award show for that. Called the Olivias or something. Maybe Zach Galifianakis host it. ;)