Mar 13, 2010

Figga Please

OK, I think the embedded video here is hilarious. And it was done by a friend of a friend, so here's where I ask all of you for a favor.


Watch this video and if you think it's funny, if you really think it's funny, then post it on your own blog. Either a link or the embedded video itself. Jut put it at the bottom of a post you are gonna do anyway. In a postscript or something. I've never tried to use my blogging powers for good before, so I'm interested to see if we can get this thing to take off. Even in a mild way.

Suit up, kids!


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. With a twist and a little glitter on my eyelids.


Heff said...

VIRAL is a TALL order. Good luck my man !

sybil law said...

I liked it! Will post when I actually post again. :)

There's a sample in that song that sounds just like the ring tone on my phone. I kept thinking my phone was ringing!!!

savannah said...

because y'all asked, sugar! going up now. xoxoxx

hello haha narf said...

for you, earl? anything.
well, not ANYthing, but sure, i'll post this video.

Barlinnie said...

Once bitten, twice shy when it comes to embedding anything other than something I've created masel.

Very watchable though.

white rabbit said...

Okay, I'm in :D

Though my track record on making things go viral is not great...

Mrs. Hall said...

sometime this week Earl. it shall be done.

Bruce Johnson said...

You know this is going to give Slyde a boner.......don't you?