Feb 11, 2011

Root Beer Jingle

I've got the worst earworm of all-time going on right now.  And only because it's only a 3-4 second part of a root beer jingle from a million years ago that is stuck in my head.  And I can't remember the root beer brand or the tune that it borrowed from.

Here's the deal:

I think the jingle is from a commercial from the mid to late-70's.  I don't recall if it was A&W, Barq's, Mug or some other brand of root beer.  But the commercial had gangsters and molls and showgirls like something out of Guys and Dolls.  And the only part of the lyric I can remember, the part that is currently stuck in my head, goes something like "Root beer, Mr. Shakes...".  Sung by the showgirls or the molls or whomever while they were dancing around like flappers from the 1920's.  The tune that is uses is just out of my reach too, but I think it was from a fairly famous show-tune or something.  Gah.

It's maddening that I can't remember enough of the details to do a proper search for it.  And believe me, I've tried.  Even worse is wondering why this tiny bit of an un-remembered root beer commercial popped back into my brain after all this time.  And got stuck there.  Is this what a stroke is like?

Someone...please help me out here.  Or put me out of my misery.


SK Waller said...

No idea. I don't recall that one at all.

RW said...

Now I'm hungry... root beer and cheeseburger....

Slyde said...

Do you ALWAYS have show tunes ringing through your head?

thats very...... telling.

Verdant Earl said...

Steph - sigh.

RW - You aren't helping.

Slyde - Yeah, but they are all manly show tunes.

Bruce Johnson said...

Dude...you need therapy.

Verdant Earl said...

Bruce - ya think?

sybil law said...

No idea.
I did find some classic t.v. commercials, though.

Mrs. Hall said...

deeep breath . . . calm down . . . stop trying to remember, stop fighting . . . just let the 3 or 4 seconds wash over you and then let it stop.

the brain will trigger the rest when it's good and ready. you can't force these things.

It's like the girl, Elizabeth Smart, who was taken from her home in the middle of the night. She shared a room with her sister. The same room she was taken from. The sister remembered seeing the guy but couldn't remember any details.

Something like 4 months later, while her sister was looking through a 'guiness book of world records' book, she remembered THE GUY-THE KIDNAPPER! He was a guy that had done some random work on the family's home for a day or two.

But, they didn't force her to remember him, they just let played it cool and let her memory come to the surface on it's own time.

so yes, your root beer will come, just relax and give it time.


Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - you know, but you are holding out because I can't find the live action hot dog thing...right? ;)

Holly - Comparing my lame earworm with identifying a kidnapper, eh? OK...I'll go with it. But what I really want is for someone to figger it out for me.