Mar 24, 2011

Cold Mutha...hush your mouth!

I need a wallet like Jules had in Pulp Fiction.  But instead of "Bad Motherfucker", mine would say "Cold Motherfucker".  Because Elizabeth Taylor died today, and not only don't I give a rat's ass about her passing but I'm kinda pissed off at all the media focus on it.  You know, when Japan is still reeling from the effects of the tsunami, earthquake and subsequent meltdown fears.  When Libya is seeing all kinds of violence due to the uprising and coalition intervention against Gaddafi's forces.  And, oh yeah...shit is still going down in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on and so on and so on.

But it's not even because of all the other much more important stuff that is going on that the media should be focusing their attention on.  I just really don't give a crap about celebrities or famous people dying off.  Especially celebrities who were last relevant 3 or 4 decades ago.  Elizabeth Taylor?  Really?  Besides her family and friends, who really gives a crap?

Except I know that people DO give a crap.  I just don't understand it.  When Princess Diana died, I couldn't believe the amount of attention it garnered over here.  Granted, the circumstances surrounding her death were both suspicious and sudden.  But the grief that I saw from people in my own family or from folks I worked with boggled my mind.  Yes...she seemed like a nice lady, but nice ladies die suddenly all the time.  Every hour of every day.  I just don't get the grief that comes with the passing of one of them just because they were famous.  It would be different had she actually touched my life, even if it were ever-so-briefly.  But a nice famous lady that had literally zero effect on my life?  Sad, but not worth my tears.

So yeah, Elizabeth Taylor died.  And she was justifiably famous for some films that she made 4, 5 and 6 decades ago.  And because she was married 70 or 80 times.  Yawn.  The news of her passing shouldn't amount to anything more than a top-billing mention in the dead people section of the Oscars next year.  At least for me.

See?  Cold Motherfucker.

Addendum:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know she did a lot to raise money and awareness for the fight against AIDS, and I'm pretty sure she did some other nice things too.  I stand by my argument.  Nice people die all the time.  A couple of them while you sat there shaking your head at me.  And you ain't seeing any news of them on CNN, are ya?


That Hank said...

I haven't really got a dog in this fight, but there are honestly no actors, writers, musicians, or athletes you'll mourn? I know there are some whose death will register with me, emotionally.

We mourn those we know, even if they did not know us.

Dave2 said...

Elizabeth Taylor was a tireless crusader in raising money for AIDS research. Her legacy goes far beyond her acting career, and she will absolutely be missed. In many ways, she's a model celebrity, using her popularity to make other people's lives a little better.

Likewise, Princess Diana spent untold hours fighting against land mines and the incalculable damage they do to young lives. She sponsored numerous charities, all which benefited greatly from her efforts. Her concern for child welfare around the globe alone made me sick with grief at her passing. Who could possibly take her place in this arena? Who could raise the massive funds like she did?

The two examples you gave had much greater impact than their celebrity alone would merit. I mourn their loss just as I would mourn ANYONE who did so much to help so many.

With celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Snookie, on the other hand, I can see your point. If they passed on tomorrow, who would care? In their case, they world might actually be BETTER OFF without them. They're a force of decadence and destruction that deserves our contempt rather than our mourning.

Slyde said...


Verdant Earl said...

Hank - Not with actual grief. I'll miss them, sure. But I just don't feel grief that way with people I don't really know. When Cobain killed himself, I was about as a big a Nirvana fan as was out there. But I didn't really mourn. I was more pissed at the way he went. I dunno.

Dave2 - Exactly why I added the postscript. Yes, they were very nice ladies who accomplished wonderful things. Nice ladies die all the time. You sir, are a much better, much more empathetic person than I.

Slyde - That's my point.

sybil law said...

I'm pretty much the same way, although when Stevie Ray Vaughn died, I was really upset. Even Kurt Cobain bothered me, but like you, I was more pissed off about that one.
I think I just don't have a lot vested in celebrities, period. It's sad that she died - sucks - now let's move on.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - But what, I can't even bring myself to say his name...died?

Unknown said...

I'm reaching here, but I think the point that she was the Angelina of her time and yet we still know of her and she is still an icon of sorts is why her passing is the "news" that it is.

Most people could only name a handful of actresses from that era anyway and most of them have already died. Also, even though that was her era her charity work and general young at heart attitude kept her on the fringes of today's pop media.

I don't think this is the big deal the media is making it to be, but the western media is long guilty of not reporting the actual news. They candy coat the happenings in the rest of the world and ignore the happenings here.

Verdant Earl said...

Annabelle - This is a weird position for me to take considering how much I enjoy movies and television. But there it is. Angelina, by the way, was never half the talent that Liz was in her heyday. Just my opinion...

Unknown said...

Regarding talent, I completely agree.

I was thinking similarity in gossip status.

Jimmy said...

May I just correct you on a small point my friend?
"When Princess Diana died..."

It should read 'when Princess Diana was brutally murdered because she was pregnant with a muslim child'

The so-called Royal Family, pah! They are loved only by those outside of the UK. Give me that little Bush fella any time, he was a saint compared to these bastards.

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - Yeah, that's what I think too. But the Royals aren't a very big deal in my circle. Sad that they still are to so many.

Kaye Waller said...

I'm in the midst of losing someone I've been friends with for over 40 years, and I've been losing friends--young friends--for the past 10 years. I don't have the energy it takes to mourn people I've never known.

sybil law said...

If... HE... died, I'd be heartbroken and hysterical, but mostly because I never got the chance to do him.
Now knock on some wood! Sacrilege!

Poppy said...

I wrote a comment here but Blogger ate it. WAH.

Poppy said...

Ah, back.

I was devastated when Princess Diana died, but completely unaffected by Elizabeth Taylor. Can't help who you care about dying, it is what it is.

And I think it's amusing that you end up apologizing for this post the next day. You shouldn't have to apologize for your feelings. :P

Bruce Johnson said...

Well, that would make two of us.....While Liz was one of the first women in my memory to give me a hard-on...I don't really think any celebrity warrants this much attention. A foot note so that people know, but she was the leading story on ABC nightly news the day she died......the LEAD story.....I hate ABC.