Oct 12, 2006

Pin the tail on the donkey

The "donkey" being me!

OK...due to the numerous (two that I know of) requests to tell the blog-world which celebrity I look like the most, I have decided to comply. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Let's take it in stages.

There are times late at night after I've had my drink on that I really look like this guy. Of course that's how I look in my primordial brain. When I think even the hottest ladies around want themselves a piece o' Earl. Sorry ladies! This prize is taken!

Of course, when I wake up the next morning I look a hell of a lot more like this guy. Especially the hair. I can't seem to grow my hair long, it just seems to grow outwards. And in the morning, especially after a good night out, I tend to resemble Rev. Jim an awful lot.

My lady love (shiny!) wishes I looked like this guy. Hey, but if wishes were fishes we'd all be Pope, right? Huh? I don't even know what that meant.

I guess there are times when I kinda look like this guy. Pudgy and pasty, yeah baby! That's me. We are pretty close to the same age as well, so we got that going for us. I look much better in drag, though. Had to be honest.

I've heard that I sound exactly like this guy. I don't know if it's true or not because I have no ear for that shit. But I've heard it from more than one person. OK...it was one person who said it and my lady love (shiny!) agreed with him.

To be truthful...I have heard more than once in my life that I kinda look like this guy. His name is Charlie Steiner and he is a sports radio host and former ESPN personality. The beard, the glasses, the Jewish nose...and I'm Irish Catholic! I met a few of his old ESPN compadres once a few years back. Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick. And even they thought I looked like Steiner.

Dammit! I'm gonna get drunk tonight so I can look like that first guy again!

In my head.

At least for a little while.


Anonymous said...

am i supposed to be seeing something here?

maybe its my work filter, but i am getting a blank post.

Remarkably, this is the best thing you have ever written...

Verdant Earl said...

um, Dick!

By the way, celebrities that Slyde looks like: Scott Baio.

Yeah...that's about it. You go Cha-chi!

Anonymous said...

So you don't actually look like Doc Brown, huh?

Not even if you were behind the wheel of a Delorean?


I wish I looked like Doc Brown. ;)


elizabeth said...

Oh shit - a beard. Earl fantasies all gone away...kidding.

Cha-chi was hott. With two t's

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz... yes, i have gotten the Scot Baio reference occasionaly.

And no, earl.. i wasnt being a dick before (for once). I must have logged in while you were updating.. it was a blank post.

But seriously dude, THAT LAST GUY IS YOU TO A TEE. FUCKING SERIOUSLY. If you had told me that was you, i would have believed it.

Anonymous said...

by the way, you forgot that just as many people think i look like Armande Assante as Chachi.

Knitty Yas said...

oh my god chachi!! hahahahaha!!! my sister had a really freakish crush on scott baio. it was just wrong. defyin the laws of nature people!!! lol

hahaha @ chachi. sorry im laughin in my cube-o-ffice and my co-workers rightfully think I'm insane.

ps (shiny!) has outstanding taste. hehehe

Kat said...

But that guy doesn't have the same cool tats or sexy legs that you do ;o)

Anonymous said...

yes, yes.. all must flock to me and my studly Chachi-ness....

Verdant Earl said...

No one has cool tats and sexy legs like me.

No one.

PS - Oh yeah, I forgot about Armand Assante. I never actually saw the resemblance, but some of our friends did.

PPS - I too wish I really looked like Doc Brown. Well, in the second film...after he had some "work" done. You know.

PPPS - And yes. My lady does have excellant taste in men. Ha.

elizabeth said...

Knock Knock.

Verdant Earl said...

who's there?

Kat said...