Oct 2, 2006

Pickled to death!

So yesterday, I went with a friend to a local Pickle festival.

I'll wait here while you giggle amongst yourselves.

Finished? OK. Here's the deal. Apparently, there used to be quite a deal of pickles grown in and around the Greenlawn, NY area. The so-called Pickle King lived here back in the day. Blah, blah, blah...allotta history and shit. If you want to read about it, you can do so here.

I really wasn't interested in the local history of the pickle. I just wanted to buy some fresh pickles. And hang out with the pickle people, because frankly...what an absurd concept. A pickle festival? That's just awesome! And they have been doing it for around a quarter of a century. Pickle people come from all over to celebrate the wonder of the pickle here at pickle ground zero. Once again...awesome!

I bought a bunch of pickles as well as some pickled hot peppers and little pickled green tomatoes. Can't wait to have a Bloody Maria with those tomatoes as garnish. Yum! I was a bit disappointed in that they didn't have any pickle-related items like t-shirts or posters. I would have killed for a pickle shirt like this one.

And the activities were kinda lame. No pickle race, however, there was a pickle proclamation read by a local politician. Yeah, I know...lame. But I kinda like saying "pickle proclamation" out loud. Try it. Fun, right?

All in all, it was a pickle perfect afternoon.

Pickle, pickle, pickle!


Kat said...

You know I was actually drooling reading this. I. LOVE. PICKLES. And I don't have any in the fridge. Fuck.

Verdant Earl said...

I had pickles for dinner last night. And I was fine with it.

Pickles rule! Ha! I have pickles in my fridge.

And my girlfriend's fridge...and her parent's fridge....

Kat said...

You're cruel.

elizabeth said...

Who goes to a pickle festival?

HEY WAIT! He just said "girlfriend". Thought we wouldn't catch that didn't you pickle boy?

Kat said...

...and "her parents"!

Verdant Earl said...

Did you think "new lady love (shiny!)" just meant someone I was stalking?

Well, yeah...I guess I could understand that.

elizabeth said...

(shh, don't answer him)

Knitty Yas said...

oh my god there's a pickle festival??? you have no idea. im being dead serious and not gross in any way!! i love pickles! im a sour freak. pickles and olives and limes and lemons and anything tart. but honestly... nothing beats a freakin cold dill pickle.


Verdant Earl said...

I hope you don't think I was trying to be funny.

I love them pickles!

Welcome to my world!