Oct 31, 2006

Vegas, baby???

Alrighty, then. Got back from Vegas last night with a few observances about Sin City that I would like to share with y'all:

  • Vegas is awful! Truly hideous. I've never been a fan of these "artificial" cities (like Orlando), and Vegas has to top the charts. Fakeness abounds in historical levels. It's too bright, too loud and too stupid for me to deal with ever again. I did have a good time because of the friends that I was with, and a rockin' Jimmy Buffett concert (Mickey Hart from The Grateful Dead and Bill Payne from Little Feat were on hand) on Saturday night. But that's the only reason I had a good time. Vegas is awful!
  • I was ready to punch any and all of those folks flicking their little "escort" cards at me while walking on the Strip. I dreamed of a gigantic version of myself stomping through the strip, kicking and stepping on all those little fuckers! Man, that would have been sweet.
  • The cab lines are ridiculous. Everywhere! After we found our bags at the airport, we walked outside to see a 1/2 mile long, meandering stream of visitors on the cab line. It took roughly 45 minutes to get in a cab. To a lesser extant at the casinos, but there was still a considerable wait. No fun there.
  • Had dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill on Friday. Not bad, but I've never been to a restaurant before that delivered our food in less than 10 minutes after we ordered it. Entrees, I'm talking about! Veal chops, steaks and pork loin medallions. Couldn't help but think that we had just eaten heated-up food. Weird. We walked into the place at 9PM and were done by 9:45. Just weird.
  • Made up for that dinner with a great steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky on Sunday night. Yeah, I know. Go to Vegas and eat at a steakhouse that is a standard right here in NY. But we tried to get into a few others like Delmonico's and Prime. They just didn't have any reservations early enough for us. And they sat us before the Euro-trash that came in before us with a hooker. The Euro-trash complained, but our waiter said "Yeah, right! Like we're gonna sit the hooker before you guys." Good man!
  • Saturday, we were up and drinking at 9AM thanks to an early start to the Notre Dame game. Don't think I could handle that on a weekly basis. Wait, wait...yeah. I probably could handle it.
  • Not a lot of great sports bars in Vegas. Not that I'm complaining that much. I kinda figured there wouldn't be, but then I thought about the gambling angle and it seems that they would be a natural. Went to one about 3 miles south of the Strip called Steiner's that was pretty good. Of course, they put that goddamn video poker game on top of the bar wherever you go. Evil temptation when you are sitting in a bar for 5 hours, drinking and watching football. Yeah...I donated. I'm weak.

So, I don't think I'm going back. I can understand the allure of the place, but it's just not me. On vacation I like nice restaurants with a warm ocean breeze. Great nightlife at unique and funky bars. Lots of local color and flavor.

Therefore, in December, I am heading back to my favorite haunt. Key West. Purists will say that it's no longer the piece o' wonderful weirdness that it used to be (I beg to differ...read about my last trip there here. It's in the archives section. Second story down in December 2005. Can't link to the exact page. Sorry!), but it still is a blast every single time I go there. I'm sure that this year won't disappoint as my girl is going with me. Nice! Can't wait!


Kat said...

Never had the desire to go to Vegas, but you're the first I've heard say you didn't like it. I suppose I gotta go just once to see for myself...but I'm with you about the fakeness. Ever been to the Canadian Falls...mega weirdoville. Pure crap. If you tell me it's anything like that, then I won't bother.

Verdant Earl said...

Never been, but I know some folks who have. I think "mega weirdville" is how they described it also.

Anonymous said...

and i thought your best Key West experience was when i went with you.... :(

Verdant Earl said...

No...that was my gayest Key West experience.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh. you know what? i loooove vegas baby!! (always follow up with baby) im sorry you didnt like it. when you go, you go with the idea of goin somewhere that is so insane with tourism.. no relaxation! well.. unless ou go to the Caesars Palace spa. then.. yeah relax your heart out. but otherwise you gotta be prepare for the onslaught of psycho sex crazed hooker induced people. avoid the taxis and go with the public trans or the shuttles. walk everywhere. go for the roaming walk ways. take the trolley. when goin out... eat at the best places in town. stay at the best hotels and always remember... its only a vacation from the mundane to the psychotic. lol

im sorry you wont go back.
ps. word of the day... cock-blockery hahahahah!!!!