Oct 9, 2008

Bob who?

Almost two years ago to the day, Gia and I ran into a celebrity while carousing in NYC. His name is Bob Balaban, and if you don't recognize the name you will probably recognize the face when you click on that link.

It was an exciting encounter. I basically said "Hey...Bob Balaban!", and he replied with "Hiya!" or something. I was moved. Really. It changed me.

So last night I escorted Gia to the city once more as we stopped at a couple of potential new customers for her job. Then we had a few drinks and went to dinner. Nice night out.

Now we never run into celebrities when we go to the city. NEVER. Hence my post about Bob Balaban two years ago. Oh, I saw Johnny Knoxville a few months back and we had lunch right next to Eric Bogosian once, but never a Lindsay Lohan or a Brad Pitt or a {insert celebrity you care about here}. It just doesn't happen to us. Maybe we just aren't aware of celebrities around us, I dunno. Maybe we just don't hang where the celebrities hang. Maybe we just aren't that cool.

Nah...that can't be it.

Anyway, guess which celebrity we did see yesterday when we went to the Manhattan?

That's right. Bob Balaban.

I'm looking forward to October of 2010 when we see him again.

Bob, you hang tough until then brother.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is cool. I think you don't see the other stars because you are cooler than they are and they don't know the right spots to hang out in. But maybe Bob will clue them in. ;)

Brown said...

Oh, you mean THAT Bob Balaban. I get to massage celebrities from time to time, but never know who half of them are until someone says something like, "That's the writer for Grey's Anatomy!"

Kaye Waller said...

I think Balaban is stalking you. Be careful.

RW said...

If you ever need any substitute Bobs just lemme know.

badgerdaddy said...

Eric Bogosian's cool. Well, he was in Talk Radio. And Bob Balaban! Of Close Encounters (and the book he wrote about the making of...) fame!

That's cool.

My best ones are Leonardo (the Brazilian) footballer, George Clooney and... Well, loads of other ones. My favourite on though, was walking past Ridley Scott in Soho. Awesome. Then having to explain to my friend who he is.

Barlinnie said...

Funnily enough.. I've just been over to Brad Pitt's blog, and on it he posted the following:

"..Angie and I were dining out in the city last night, when who should walk through the door with his stunning young wife? None other than B.E.Earl." "What a blast, it made our night. The dude is totally cool. Sadly, Ange was way too shy to go over and ask for his autograph, but I did steal his fork from the table on the way out."

Michelle said...

Funny b.e.!! I'm still a little bit obsessed with the zombie situation and its all your fault!!!

My celebrity encounter:
Union Square Green Market desperately looking for boston lettuce, asked a woman she said no but then another woman next to me started telling me (in great detail) where to find boston lettuce...i glanced over and "drum roll"....Chelsea Clinton!!!! She was actually very nice and kept trying to tell me where to find boston lettuce, i totally tuned her out wondering what was in her bag of goodies!!!

Next enounter:
While running on the boardwalk, "drum roll" Tom Hanks!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Verdant Earl said...

Tnee - Heya! And I like the way you think.

Mr. Poopie - do the massages include a happy ending? ;)

Steph - I agree. He's small, but he looks dangerous.

RW - righty-o!

badger - No way I would recognize Ridley Scott on the street. He could hit me over the head with his Blade Runner lunchbox and I still wouldn't recognize him.

Bollix - That Brad's a douche! First he steals my woman, then he steals my cutlery. What's next? My heart?

Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - The Union Square Mkt is a great place to find celebrities. A friend of mine has met Hilary Swank and a few others there. And I saw Laura Linney get on the subway at that stop once with a bag of stuff, so she was probably shopping.

Dr Zibbs said...

He was in one of my favorite movies. Waiting for Guffman.

Heff said...

Yep, never heard the name, but know the face. Tell him Heff said hello in 2010.

Verdant Earl said...

Zibbs - I loved that film, and he has been in a bunch of great stuff.

Heff - I'm looking forward to it already!

Bruce Johnson said...

Man, based on his IMDB file, Bob is one busy actor! I think I am always going to associate him with the poor-everyman-translator whose world gets severly expanded in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Mrs. Hall said...


so cool!

(giggle giggle)

I have never run into a celebrity but a lot of my patients have celebrity names. But they aren't the celebrities. In fact they are quite the opposite most of the time.

Kinda like Michael Bolton in Office Space.
(giggl giggle!)

Verdant Earl said...

Bruce - and I will always see him as the head of NBC from Seinfeld.

Mrs. Hall - You can never tell where and when you are gonna run into someone famous. Keep an eye out next time you are filling up the family car. :)

pure evyl said...

I just received word from the Frito Lay delivery driver. Taco Doritos are back.

Verdant Earl said...

Evyl - I'm eating some as I type this. They are good...but they ain't the same as the ones when I was a kid. Better than nothing, I say.