Oct 1, 2008

I solved the financial crisis

For a day, at least.

How did I do it? I didn't watch any cable news or read any newspapers or browse any political/news websites.

Okay, so "solved" is a bit of a stretch. "Ignored" might be the proper term. It's just all so fucking complicated.

Cliff Maegden and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band would agree.

Complicated Life
written by Ray Davies of the Kinks

Well I woke this morning with a pain in my neck,
A pain in my heart and a pain in my chest,
I went to the good doctor and the good doctor said,
You gotta slow down your life or you're gonna be dead,
Cut out the struggle and strife,
It only complicates your life.

Well I cut down women I cut out booze,
I stopped ironing my shirts, cleaning my shoes,
I stopped going to work, reading the news,
I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs cos I got nothing to do,
Minimal exercise,
To help uncomplicate my life,
Gotta stand and face it life is so complicated,
Ladi dah di dahdah, ladi dah di dah dah,
Got to get away from the complicated life son,
Life is overrated, life is complicated,
Must alleviate this, complicated life.

Like old Mother Hubbard
I got nothin' in the cupboard,
Got no dinner and I got no supper,
Holes in my shoes I got holes in my socks,
I can't go to work cos I can't get a job,
The bills are rising sky high,
It's such a complicated life,
Gotta stand and face it,
Life is so complicated.

PS- This makes three times now that I've posted this video. Fuck it. - Earl


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good to give your brain a day off from thinking about those things. Sometimes that is also when the best ideas hit you. But doing it for too long gets you out of the loop.

Kaye Waller said...

I so agree, Earl. I don't own a house, I have no stocks. In fact, I'm stone-broke. We just today were able to buy groceries after a month with no web clients. I'm 57 years old and I've worked my entire life for the man and what did I get except a pitiful piece of the corporate feudal pie at the time, and no retirement, no medical benefits?

If Nettl wasn't such an avid follower of the news I wouldn't know anything's happened on Wall Street.

In the words of Billy Joel:
"I believe I've passed the age
Of consciousness and righteous rage;
I found that just surviving was a noble fight."

Unknown said...

Earl, Thanks for that wonderful video and the mental heath sentiments expressed in those Ray Davies' lyrics. If I ever move back to the States, it very well might be to New Orleans, where it seems they understand these things on a gut level. Italy's pretty good about that too.

Barlinnie said...

Great vid... well worth watching.

Mrs. Hall said...


Looks like the third time is a charm here Earl!

But wow. Swingy jazz, good looking singer, bicycle rides, excellent lyrics, camaraderie of real seasoned musicians, and bubble blowers!

I love the passing of the torch between the generations here.

What more could a person want from a song in the morning?

Here here!

I think this may inspire a post, its got me all a twitter!!


Mrs. Hall

Verdant Earl said...

Teeni - I've just been so angry about things that I needed to take the day off thinking about it.

Steph - I've done it all from small company to large company to mega company to world domination company to working for myself. I'm the only boss I've ever had that I give two shits about.

MikeB - I firmly believe that there are parts of New Orleans that contain real magic. Preservation Hall is one of those places. I haven't been since the year of Katrina (before), but I'm dying to get back.

Bollix - I put it on at least once every few weeks to try to forget about the fucking cunts in the world. Ah...even typing "cunts" as an American doesn't seem right. Feh.

Slyde said...

i cant see the video here at work, but please tell me that this isnt that video of that guy bicling thru new orleans again...

how many times are you going to milk the same damn thing?

Verdant Earl said...

Mrs. Hall - It's a great song and a great performance. I saw some of these guys live at Preservation Hall in New Orleans the past couple of times that I've been there. Maegden plays/played with them often, but I don't remember if I saw him live or not. Doesn't the French Quarter look awesome in that vid? I gotta get back.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - every time someone posts a YouTube video on their blog, you comment with "I can't see that video at work." Yeah, we get it. Why don't you fucking wait until you get home and comment then? Hmmm.

Slyde said...

you want me to wait till i get home to let you know that you should stop posting the same damn video up every few months? ok.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - exactly. Go home, watch it, then make your silly comments. By the way, I already mentioned at the bottom of the post that it is the third time that I've posted the video. With the "fuck it" caveat. Nyah!

Michelle said...

b.e. i concur!

A day off every once in a while is the way to go! That goes for really anything in life. Ok, lets exclude eating and maybe (pooping)...:O)

Great video, i CAN see it anywhere!!!