Feb 25, 2009

Dead Sexy Bullets - "I dunno" Edition

It's bullet time again! Isn't everyone excited? You know you could at least pretend. This week's episode is brought to you by the band The Airborne Toxic Event. You know how sometimes music comes at you all at once? I first heard of this band on Carrie Brownstein's blog on NPR a couple of weeks ago. Then yesterday I heard them again on an episode of NCIS. Now I'm in. Check it out. Hey, that probably should have been the first bullet on the post. What was I thinking? I dunno.

  • I lost a follower the other day. So did Slyde. We don't know who it is, and it might not even be the same person. One day they are there, the next...poof! Sometimes this whole "following" thing on Blogger is a bit puzzling to me. It's a great tool for, well...following other folk's blogs. Once you click on the "follow this blog" link it automatically updates your blog list on Google Reader. I like that. But it seems kind of pretentious to have it sitting there on the sidebar of my blog. And there are other problems with it. I tend to manually update Google Reader as well to put it in a specific category, so if I want to delete that blog from my reader (it has happened) then I have to do it in Google Reader and on my Blogger dashboard or on the individual's blog itself. So it's a bit clunky and pretentious is all I'm saying. A lot of folks like it though, so I'm about 50-50 on getting rid of it. I dunno.
  • The President addressed Congress and the nation last night. But it wasn't a State of the Union address. I'm a bit confused, but I like it. We've seen more of this guy in his first month than we saw of the last guy in his first nine months. Agree with him, disagree with him. At least he's out there. These addresses are a little ridiculous though. Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight! I'm gonna really respect the politician who instructs the audience to save their appreciation for the end of the speech. Not too much to ask. It's not like we are at a High School pep rally anymore. I dunno.
  • Still on track to see my 500th post next Thursday or Friday. And I still haven't decided how to celebrate it. Maybe I'll just ignore it and wait until lucky number 1,000. I dunno.
  • Have you ever been sitting at your computer and you find that you need another word for vagina, but you are drawing a blank? At last there is a solution. Just keep on re-loading that page. Heaven's Door might be a new favorite of mine. I dunno.
  • Mel Gibson was on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of nights ago. And he did this really bizarre fake movie trailer for The Colonel. Does he hate chickens as much as he hates Jews? I dunno.
  • I had the MLB Network on in the background yesterday while I was working. They were showing a replay of Opening Day in 1981 when the White Sox and their new catcher Carlton Fisk played the Red Sox at Fenway. Best thing about it, besides the Red Sox losing? Harry Caray did the play-by-play. At one point he introduces Dennis Eckersley who is starting the game for the BoSox. He says "There's Eckersley with his long, shoulder length hair. He says it helps him to hide his sinker ball." Cracked me up. I could totally picture Will Ferrell saying something like that while impersonating Caray. There used to be some great stuff on Youtube featuring Ferrell as Caray, but alot of it is gone now. I'd like to blame Hulu for it. I dunno.
  • I had a lot more in my head that I was gonna write about here, but now it is gone. I dunno.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the cool kids are doing it, I guess. I dunno.


RW said...

Did someone say White Sox???!!

Verdant Earl said...

RW - hey, they have won a title this decade. They are relevant. Sort of.

Michelle said...

I dunno what to say!!

Oh, there was some shit going on with blogger. People were losing followers left and right...I dunno!!!

Photo of green man for 500th!!! I dunno!!!

I am off to see what else i can call my vagina!!! Cause, I dunno!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

Avitable said...

For some reason, in my Google Reader, all of the blogs that I "follow" through Blogger are moved automatically into my "People I Hate" folder, so that's frustrating.

white rabbit said...

Another word for vagina??? :-O

How about frontbottom?

Or alternatvely they could all be gven individual names, Doris, Edith etc...

I'm so avoiding doing anything sensible...

Dr Zibbs said...

Earl - there was an issue with Google followers and everyone lost some.

Also, I like the followers tab because it's easier for me than updating a blogroll. And blogrolling.com has been down last time I checked.

Also, I like seeing who follows a particular blog. I use it to search for new blogs.

Heff said...

I lost 2 followers the other day. That's weird. Was it something I posted ? Do I give a shit ? I dunno.

I watched the congressional hearing myself, and I must admit, thought it was little more than the "pep-rally" you mentioned. The guy has a gift for public speaking, but I think he's basically a bullshit artist.

Slyde said...

whew! nice to know that there was a problem with followers and not the remote possibility that people arent completely enthralled with everything i type..

Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - you too, eh?

Avitable - yeah, it's a bit clunky.

White Rabbit - I like Doris. And by Doris, I mean vagina. Of course.

Zibbs - I see some of the benefits of it, but it's still a bit clunky for me as I prefer Google Reader.

Slyde - No, it couldn't be THAT!

Verdant Earl said...

HEff - I think they are all bullshit artists. That's how they get the job.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ok, yeah, whatever on the Red Sox loosing thing-times have changed dude-but I have to laugh at the Harry Caray thing!! HAHAHAHA! It remids me of last year when I went to Paris and bought these rediculously expensive Dior sunglasses on the Champs de Elysse. My Guy told me I looked just like Harry Caray in them!!It wasn't that funny at the time.

Eck still lives around here, in the same town as I do and I see him all the time at this fancy restaurant right near my house. I'm sorry but I have to say he's got this creepy leer-like he's checking chicks out and he's looking right through you-both up and down. Ewww.

But-he has ressurected his media career and is doing a great job on NESN covering the Sox. I must give credit where it is due.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

And you know what..a buch of people lost followers this week too. I lost one and I have been reading about other bloggers loosing followers this week also-some glitch happened with blogger I guess

Verdant Earl said...

Candy - we shall never agree on baseball. I can live with that. ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

Yeah, I lost a follower too. I have no idea who it was though.

I am going to keep the follower on my page because I stopped keeping track of my stats. It is good to know some people read my blog.

but, then, if noone comments I feel like noone has read it. which is weird.

blah. I'm just going to keep it simple and think at least one third of my followers sometimes read my blog.


and yes, more president exposer.


Mrs. Hall said...

@Dr. Zibbs

I am very jealous of you 100 + followers. As such, no matter how much I enjoy your blog (and I find it absolutely delightful BTW) I WILL NOT JOIN THE FOLLOWERS!!!

because dammit, your hogging them.

the followers I mean.

that's all


Mrs. Hall

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - you go, girl! Wow, that looks stupid typed out like that, doesn't it?

Bruce Johnson said...

Interestingly enough, I lost a reader sometime in the last couple of days.....maybe somebody died?

I think I am going to make "another word for a vagaina" my homepage.

RW said...

I don't understand... why do we care if we lost a follower? If a glitch from blogger then that's a problem, but if a peson left of their own accord... fuck em.

Faiqa said...

Nancy Pelosi was a freakin' embarrassment last night. I love The Barry (that's what I'm going to call President Obama from now on), but I felt like smacking her upside the head every time she stood up and clapped like a political Stepford Wife.

Kate said...

I gained a follower last week and when I went to check his profile, I got really skitzed out. Because he is a self-proclaimed jesus freak and the blogs were all religious and shit. Why in the hell would this guy want to follow my blog? Weird.

And ah, no, I've never been sitting at my computer and needed to find another word for vagina. At least now I know where to go if that should happen though. Thanks Big Guy!

ps Re baseball teams..I was born in boston so.. but I still have one or two friends who are not Red Sox fans.

Verdant Earl said...

Bruce - that would be a lovely home page.

RW - I'm not really sure I do care. As I said in my post, I kinda think the whole thing is a bit pretentious. But some folks love it. I dunno.

Faiqa - President Barry. I dig it.

Kate - so you have one or two friends I would get along with then. ;)

elizabeth said...

Dude! I lost a follower too... verra strange.

Hey - baseball guy - I am sitting here beside my baseball signed by Fernandez. Don't know why... bid on it at a charity auction. LOL.

marty mankins said...

Airborne Toxic Event just cancelled tour dates. Something about laryngitis.

Mel Gibson hates chickens? wasn't he the lead voice in that movie "Chicken Run"? bat shit crazy is what I say.

I'd be ok with putting off the 500 and going for the 1000 post celebration if you were giving away something cool. But that could be awhile still.

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - yeah, but which Fernandez? Toy, Sid, Osvaldo, Jose...probably Tony. Right? He played for Toronto for a bunch of years.

Marty - Finally someone commented on TATE. Love it! I keep forgetting about giveaways. Lemme think if I can come up with something good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't had much to add in the comments area lately but I still come by and read and play the trivia! :) Just didn't want you thinking I'd forgotten you.