Feb 17, 2009

Just watch ol' Bandit run

If you told me on Friday that my favorite new show of the weekend WASN'T going to be Dollhouse, well...I would have told you how nuts you are. And Dollhouse was good, mind you. Not extraordinary, but real good. It's gonna need a few episodes to kick in, I think. Too bad it will be canceled so soon. But a new show by Joss Whedon should have been my favorite show of the weekend.

Except that on Sunday, HBO premiered the new Danny McBride comedy Eastbound & Down and it was freakin' hysterical!

If you are a fan of The Foot Fist Way (and you should be) or McBride's work in Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express, then you are gonna love Eastbound & Down. McBride plays a former major league relief pitcher who is a cross between John Rocker and Mitch Williams. He returns home after bombing out of the bigs and gets a job as a substitute gym teacher. This is a bad, bad guy. Racist, misogynistic, drunk, steroid abuser...you name it. But so much fun to watch. A real douchebag. I laughed out loud throughout the entire show.

And it was just the first episode. Gina Gershon and Will Ferrell haven't even shown up yet!

Here is the HBO Making Of promo for it. Enjoy.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. All the douchebags are doing it.


Bella@That damn expat said...

We don't get those shows here yet.

Michelle said...

Oh poop, I read about this show and totally forgot to watch it!!! I can assume HBO reruns it all hours of the day and night right???? TELL ME RIGHT!!!

It looks really hilarious and I trust your opinion on so many things green man, I am so there!!!

Thanks and Happy TUESDAY!!!!

Avitable said...

I liked Foot Fist Way quite a bit. I'll have to set the DVR to record this.

Verdant Earl said...

Bella - really? HBO isn't the same all over the place? I had no idea.

Michelle - yeah, it will be replayed this week. Tonight at midnight, Friday at 2AM and Saturday at 12:05AM. It normally airs on Sunday night at 10:30PM.

Adam - I watched it twice last night. He is such a jackass. I loved it!

Heff said...

I'll try to check it out, as HBO IS one of the channels I frequent.

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - it's a good ol' show. Hopefully it gets picked up.

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah, um, I realize I am a day behind here, but, about the snob post.

I have just realized that if you add rum to diet coke at the end of the day, well, that is pretty awesome.

but, I need to be careful, I don't think I do it right, I got really naseous (sp?) and had a hard time waking up the next day. Luckily that got cleared up after a morning shower. geez....

so, rum suggestions? suggestions on how to imbibe without getting ridculous and sicky?