Mar 25, 2010


Just some quick update bullets of what's going down Earl-side.
  • I'm still cranking through the Hugos.  I'm currently reading The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Michael Chabon.  When I went to the library to check it out, I couldn't find it under Fiction or Science-Fiction, but I knew that they had it available because I scoped it online first.  When I asked the cranky librarian about it I got the title wrong and asked for The Yiddish Policeman's Ball.  Instead of correcting me, she told me that she didn't see that one available.  I was about to walk away when she said "But we do have one called The Yiddish Policeman's Union, if you would like that one instead."  I wanted to punch her in the vagina, but she was sitting behind a desk.
  • No Cool Blogger Fantasy Baseball League this year.  Only three of you responded with any interest at all, and we would need another 6-8 to make it fun and/or exciting so I nixed it.  I'm surrounded by baseball atheists, I tell you!
  • My friend's friend's Figga Please video on Youtube! hasn't exactly gone viral yet.  But around 5,000 people have watched it so far, and I'm sure that at least 10 of those views came from here.  So well done, I say!  Well done!
  • We are headed down to Charleston, SC for a vacation in a few weeks with a day trip to the fair city of Savannah, GA on one of the days.  All I'm hoping for is 80 degree weather during the day, and cold beers and seafood at night.  OK...I could probably do without the 80 degree weather or the seafood, and let's not kid ourself...the beer will be cold during the day too.
  • Speaking of nice weather, last week was absolutely gorgeous here.  I broke out the flip-flops and the shorts even though it was not quite warm enough for either.  But when you got gams like I got, you don't want to keep them hidden beneath pants!
  • Speaking of last week, we had our first bonfire of the season on Friday night.  We made s'mores, cooked hobo hot-dogs, listened to great music and drank Irish Whiskey out of the bottle.  It was a hella good time.   Looking forward to more of those evenings as the Spring turns to Summer here on our fair harbor.
  • Looking forward to BeerHer in NYC when we get back late in April.  All the cool kids (who aren't going to TequilaCon) will be there!  And The Ginger Man is a cool joint.  If you are in or near NYC on April 24th you should join us.  Dig.
Now go do something with your lives!

Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Really, librarian?  REALLY?


RW said...

Now LIBRARIES I know about!

Love Charleston and Savannah. Have fun!

Slyde said...

i got nuthin'....

That Hank said...

That's funny, we just had our LAST bonfire of the season. Ours are all in fall and winter - summer's far too hot.

Verdant Earl said...

RW - I dig a good library. Ours sucks.

Slyde - you never do.

Hank - Well, our winters are way too cold to sit outside and our summers are very cool in the evening since we are right on the water. It's those changes in latitude, changes in attitude, etc...

Sybil - It's a fun town.

Water Logged Canine said...

It's not your gams that are nice. It's those calves. Those calves are a splendor to behold. Dante himself would have fashioned those of Beatrice after such delicate and symmetrical calves such as yours.


Suzi Q said...

Oh man I want to have a bonfire! My fire pit it under a huge frozen puddle right now topped with the dried out Christmas tree!

Verdant Earl said...

WLC - so you got a problem with my thighs? Now I got thigh issues? WTF?!?

SuziQ - Ours is one of those portable fire pits. We kept it safe and dry under the porch all winter.

Water Logged Canine said...

Obviously, I have no problem with your thighs. That's why you always tell me how my beard tickles the inside of them. be precise, "Ooooo...your whiskers tickle so!"

Water Logged Canine, providing healthcare to Earl, that's a big fracking deal, since 2007.

Heff said...

5000 is close enough to viral for me, lol !

Mrs. Hall said...

even though it's a little chilly I to have been busting out the summer gear. Specifically my 1000 summer dresses!!!!

Which are flowy and roomy for my growing belly! :)

THEN THEN!!! I found my stash of summer sandles. I petted them last night while I cooed, "soon, soon my dahlings!"

(i love me some summer fashion, like homer simpson to a doughnut I say!)

white rabbit said...

Chabon's 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay' is a good read

As is The Ginger Man but that's by the way...


Jennifer and Sandi said...

bonfire....shit I had my mittens on this morning. Minnesota is hoping to see the high 70's tho next week!


- Jennifer

Verdant Earl said...

WLC -I love the angry hobo picture!

HEff - yeah, me too.

Holly - Yeah, I don't mind sweaters and all, but it's time to break out the summer wardrobe.

Wabbit - Really? I couldn't get through 50 pages of The Ginger Man. And I've tried about 4 times now.

Jenn - Boo! And I see you're back!

Kevin Spencer said...

I'm enjoying the spring weather here in Phoenix before it gets too hot to even breathe outside ;-)

Verdant Earl said...

Kevin - yeah, but it's a dry heat, right? :) (You must get sick of people saying that)

Poppy said...

Truly was beautiful here last week.

I am so stoked that you are coming to BeerHer and actually promoting it to others! I think it will be a small group but that is not a problem in my eyes. :)

Barlinnie said...

Flip flops and shorts huh? No one likes a fecking show-off!

Someone pass me an umbrella.

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - gonna be colder than a witch's tit this weekend though. Not fair.

Jimmy - I dunno...I hear you've been playing lots of golf in all that rain. Not too shabby.