May 28, 2010

Please Call Me, Baby

Please Call Me, Baby
Tom Waits
(have a listen here)

The evening fell just like a star
Left a trail behind
You spit as you slammed out the door
If this is love we're crazy
As we fight like cats and dogs
But I just know there's got to be more

So please call me, baby
Wherever you are
It's too cold to be out walking in the streets
We do crazy things when we're wounded
Everyone's a bit insane
I don't want you catching your death of cold
Out walking in the rain

I admit that I ain't no angel
I admit that I ain't no saint
I'm selfish and I'm cruel, but you're blind
If I exorcise my devils
Well my angels may leave too
When they leave they're so hard to find


We're always at each other's throats
It drives me up the wall
Most of the time I'm just blowing off steam
And I wish to God you'd leave me
And I wish to God you'd stay
Life's so different than it is in your dreams


Note: Remember to play the Badgerdaddy Trivia Challenge every day. I'm selfish and I'm cruel, but you're blind.


savannah said...

damn, sugar! that's a hellva friday tune! xoxoxo

Mrs. Hall said...

I would stone cold leave Mr. Hall for Tom Waits.

bone machine--it's part of my DNA at this point.

just sayin ;)

Heff said...

I always thought he was HORRIBLE. I guess it's an "acquired taste".

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - Isn't it just? The entire album is great listening to while watching the sun go down with some cold beer and whiskey.

Holly - Everyone has their drop-off crushes. You could do worse than Tom Waits.

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - yeah, I can see where someone would think that. Man's got soul, though.

Kevin McKeever said...

Tom Waits - sheer genius.

RW said...

there. that's better!


And his headstone's a gumball machine,

No more chewing gum or baseball cards or overcoats or dreams

Someone's hosing down the sidewalk, and he's only in his teens, 'cause

'Cause Small Change got rained on with his own thirty-eight

Verdant Earl said...

Uncool - and I didn't always think that was so. Foolish me.

RW - The entire Small Change album is great. Need to buy that on iTunes tonight. Thanks!

Water Logged Canine said...

Tom Waits looks like Hellboy to me.

sybil law said...

I looooooooooove Tom Waits.

Verdant Earl said...

Dawgie - Yeah, a lanky Hellboy.

Sybil - me tooooooooooo!