Jun 9, 2011

Cool for Cats

It's hot as hell out there today, er, yesterday, er, tomorrow.  During the day is what I mean.  We are supposed to get a cold front blow throw on Thursday evening.  That should cool things off a big way in my neck of the woods.

My cats don't seem to mind very much though.  They prefer to stay out of the air-conditioned bedroom and chill by the back screen door overlooking the backyard and the harbor.  We've never put an air conditioner in that room for one reason or another.  Mostly because I like to keep the solid door open with the screen door in during Summer nights since we get a pretty nice breeze.  But it can get a little warm in there during hot Summer days.  The cats don't care.  They seem to remain cool even in the warmest of temps.

And then there's this:


Slyde said...

awww, how can i make fun of you today when you put up one of my favorite bands?

i still want to try, but now my hearts just not into it anymore...

hello haha narf said...

i need a red body suit

sybil law said...

Awwww... a little Squeeze to start the day! Awesome. :)

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I didn't really know you loved Squeeze. Kudos.

Becky - You really do.

Sybil - Awesome!

white rabbit said...

Tsk! Now you'll have 'Cool for Ctas' going through my head all day.

Quality lyrics, though...

"...The Sweeney's doing ninety
'Cos they've got the word to go
They get a gang of villains
In a shed up at Heathrow
They're counting out the fivers
When the handcuffs lock again
In and out of Wandsworth
With the numbers on their names
It's funny how their missus'
Always look the bleeding same
And meanwhile at the station
There's a couple of likely lads
Who swear like how's your father
And they're very cool for cats"

Quite so...

white rabbit said...

Or even 'Cool for Cats'

Always edit.

marty mankins said...

Even our 17 yr old male cat doesn't mind the heat, of course, it only last 2 months around here (winter like temps seem to last longer than I care for).

And nice way to mix a Squeeze song in there.