Jun 3, 2011

Input required

In your pants!


No, seriously.  We've done 13 (holy crap!) episodes of Just Talking to the Cornfield now, and I think it's time for a little introspection from us as well as some input from our listeners.

Tell us what you like about the show.  Tell us what you dislike about the show.  Tell us about what you despise about the show.  Tell us about what makes you horny, babee.  Inquiring minds and all.

One thing I don't like is that we went over 2 hours last week.  Mostly because it was Friday night and both of us were drinking some apple pie moonshine.  But I think the show is best when we keep it around 90 minutes.  And I know that we strayed into some areas last week which I, for one, hadn't prepared properly.  That leads to some bad radio as I say "um" a lot. 

So hit us where it hurts.  Or where it feels good.  Hit us wherever you like.  We yearn to be better.  For you.

And visit out website that The Colonel has set up for the show here.  We also have a Facebook page, but I'm not on that thing so you'll have to find it all on your own.  And we are also on Twitter via @VerdantDude and @JTTTColonel.  And you can reach me via email at babyburke at aol dot com.  Or just yell real loud.  I've got great hearing in one ear, so make sure you're on my good side.

Tune in this week on our normal date and time at Sunday, 9PM EST.  We promise to at least try to be entertaining.


Dave2 said...

Well, I definitely like hearing about how great Saltalamacchia and the Red Sox are. That's my favorite part of the show right there... even if I have to do it myself.

What I don't like is traveling or having to prepare for work and I don't get to listen in. Sure I can listen to the podcast, but it's more fun to be involved while the show is recording. It would be great if you could totally build the show times around my schedule. Thanks.

savannah said...

you've done 13? THIRTEEN and i haven't managed to catch one show? i am ashamed of me, sugar! 21h00 on sunday for sure this weekend! xoxoxox

Slyde said...

i'd listen more if you got rid of that Earl jackass......

he's a right twit, he is!

Verdant Earl said...

Dave2 - Yeah, unfortunately West Coast time is a little past the Colonel's bed time.

Savannah - No worries, listen in when you can.

Slyde - You typed that last part with a Cockney accent in your head, right?

sybil law said...

The show is fabulous, but it would be even MORE fabulous if you spent more time talking about blow jobs, The Reds, more Saltalamacchia, and... Dave Grohl.
Nope. I love it. Just the way it is.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Well, next time you call in (hint, hint, hint), we'll tackle all those topics...and more!