Jun 24, 2011

XM or naught

I listened to FM radio today for the first time in just about forever.  It still sucks.

Our Mini was in the shop, so we had a loaner Hyundai Sonata for the day from the dealership.  And our XM reciever was still in the Mini, so I had to deal with FM radio for a little while as I did some running around in the afternoon.  There is one station on the dial that I kinda like, but whenever they hit a commercial break I play with the dial.

I landed on a station that has played the same music since I was in junior high.  I'm serious. THE SAME EXACT FUCKING MUSIC ON THE SAME EXACT FUCKING STATION. It's so bizarre. Right before I hit the station, I said to myself "Self, what's it going to be on WBAB? Bad Company? Boston? Journey? Maybe some Pink Floyd?"

And the absolutely obvious roulette wheel landed on Boston. "More Than a Feeling"...and it really couldn't have surprised me less.

Does anyone out there get jazzed when a song like "More Than a Feeling" pops up on the radio?  Do ya really? I think you're lying, because the real answer is that no one gets jazzed about that.

Listen, I don't mind and I kinda love 70's music.  We listen to the 70's channel all the time on XM.  But they don't play the super-obvious hits like "More Than a Feeling." They usually play stuff that makes you go "Oh yeah...I remember this song...", or something to that effect.  I just don't get stations like the one I happened upon yesterday, though.  Makes no sense. 

Do you still listen to FM radio?  Is there anything decent out there on the freewaves?


Slyde said...

Yeah, but that's WBAB's thing...

they pride themselves in being the last holdout for 'classic' rock. i dont think they'll ever change.

i have left terrestrial radio behind years ago. All i listen to is XM.

Heff said...

"More Than A Feeling" is a BADASSED SONG, but ! I do feel your pain.

Traditional radio stations use the SAME DAMN playlist OVER AND OVER so you end up hearing the songs so often you even get tired of the good shit.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Yeah, I know it's their thing. It still sucks.

Heff - I love classic rock, but you are right about the same damn playlist they broadcast. I'd be so stoked to hear a station that plays some of the rarer tracks from those fantastic bands. "Sea and Sand" from Quadrophenia instead of "5:15" or "The Real Me". "Smokin'" instead of "More Than a Feeling"....ya know?

sybil law said...

I cannot STAND "More Than a Feeling" and actually, Boston, in general. That song goes right up there with, "We Built This City", in my mind. UGH. Actually, I'm not a fan of Boston - or Jefferson Starship or whatever.
Anyway, I do still listen to FM radio - I have a kid, and she has frequent kids in the car. They badly want me to put on some cheesey stations to hear Lady GaGa or whatever. So of course I won't. I listen to 96 Rock, and also, WEBN - which - yep - plays the same shit almost that it played when I was in high school, with a few newer songs thrown in.

Kevin McKeever said...

BAB hasn't been the same since Bob Buckman left.

Kevin McKeever said...

also, XM isn't the same since the merger. Lots of repetition. I listen the Classic Rewind and some days they seem to pick five artists and play them endlessly. Boston and Journey are near the top of that list.

Ren said...

I listen to XM when it's free or when I'm in my wife's car (who chose to pay for it), but I refuse to pay for it. If I'm caught up on my podcasts and don't feel like listening to my iPod or Pandora, which is a rarity, I'll listen to the Bob FM station. I'm pretty happy with it for the most part, but then I don't listen very often.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - sounds exactly like the same station.

Uncool - HA! Bob Buchman. Haven't thought of him in a long while. He's djing out in California some place now.

Ren - I should have mentioned Pandora. When I'm working at home, I almost always have Pandora playing through our TV's Roku box. For some reason, the time I spend listening to it that way doesn't count towards the set free limit on the website. Shhhh!

marty mankins said...

The only time I listen to FM is on my iPod nano when I have no access to my Sirius radio or the Sirius app on my iPhone and iPad (or from my computer)

I've been a Sirius subscriber since Dec 2005 and love it. It's so worth the money each year. Lots of choices and the music channels (Classic Vinyl, 1st Wave and the 40's, 50's, 60's and 80's stations) are ones I never tire of.

Unless of course "More Than a Feeling" comes on.

Verdant Earl said...

Marty - I had no idea you could listen to XM on your nano. Cool!