Jun 26, 2011

No JTTTC this week

Taking a week off from the radio show.  The Colonel is away on a scouting trip. Or he's drinking rum drinks and tanning his belly on a beach somewheres.  Either way, we are using that as an excuse to take a break from the show.

But don't you worry...we'll be back next week with more of our patented stupidity.  It's how we roll.

Cheers, kids!


sybil law said...

"There's no vacationing in baseball!"
Uh, or maybe there is.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Ah, he and his family are away at the beach for only 4 days. I was the one who convinced him to postpone this week's show. Some things are more important. Not much, but...

Slyde said...

And here i sat around the computer all fucking night waiting for it to start!