Oct 13, 2011

The Dark Side?

I don't really need an iPhone. Then again, does anyone really "need" one?

Not only that, but I've never really wanted one. They seem shiny and bright and they make lots of cool noises. But I've always been a phone is a phone is a phone kinda guy.  Even when I "upgraded" to a Palm phone about a year ago. It's not really in the same "class" as the iPhone or most of the Android phones, but it does everything I want it to do.

And lately, I've been find it does so much more. I've now got Pandora and Spotify running on it. Didn't even realize that was an option. And there is a iTunes app that I'm considering, although I don't really need it.  The web browser is pretty fast too. Many times, Gia and I have looked things up at the same time on our devices. She, armed with her iPhone and iPad, me armed with my Palm phone. I dunno man...most of the time I find the answer, location, whatever first.

But now, Sprint has the iPhone 4S.  I'm a Sprint loyalist. Not because it's any better than any of the other cell carriers out there. It's probably not.  But because I've had little to no issues with them.  That's been good enough for me for going on a dozen years now.  And it's been a year since my last phone purchase, so my extra discount kicks in.  I can get a new iPhone 4S for as little as $199. 

If I want to.

I'm just having a hard time deciding if I want to.

My current phone isn't only good enough, it's MORE than good enough.  There is a ton of useless crap that I can do with it now that I'm just not interested enough to bother with.  Will an iPhone even be worth it for me?

So, for now, I'll probably pass on the iPhone 4S. I just don't think it's for me.

Besides, I kinda dig being an Apple curmudgeon. "Get off my lawn, you incredibly smart device that everyone else in the world loves!"


Dave2 said...

Yes. I really NEED my iPhone. I can't live without it.

hello haha narf said...

i'm a sprint girl and have been for over a dozen years. my evo is a phenomenal phone. but i left it out in the rain over a month ago and although it still works wonderfully, it has shown me its hostility over getting VERY wet by freezing up every once in a while these days. so i am seriously considering replacing my blackberry "home" phone with the evo and getting an iphone. for some reason i just hesitate. strong reluctance must be there for a reason, right?

Slyde said...

i plan on getting one hopefully for Christmas.

I do almost nothing special with my phone, but i always have my Itouch with me, plus my phone, and the allure of only having to carry ONE thing with me instead of 2 is too damn tempting..

Water Logged Vader said...

Join us!

Unknown said...

It's a testimate to their marketing and human nature of consumerism that you'd even consider dropping $200 on something you dont even really *want*.

Heff said...


God help you all.


Pope Heff IV.

sybil law said...

I'm right there with you, Earl! "And stop trampling my daisies, too!"

I just don't care enough to have an iPhone.

Verdant Earl said...

Dave2 - Really? You have an iPad that you carry around with you, right? Can't you just use that for all the iPhony things and use a regular phone for a phone? Plus I hear regular phones actually, ya know, work.

Becky - Yeah, the $99 upgrade to an HTC EVO is definitely gnawing at me. I'd probably make the switch to one of those before an iPhone. Also, why do you need two phones? Business?

Slyde - see, that makes sense. Odd, coming from you.

Papa Doggie - Will I be assimilated? Am I mixing Star Wars/Star Trek references? Do I care?

Annabelle - Amazing, isn't it?

Heff - Sigh...I know.

Sybil - Sorry about the daisies. They looked so...inviting.

hello haha narf said...

why two phones? long story...that i will try to sum up. i love sprint. ages ago they called and offered me a phone for free that would share my minutes and totally not cost me a dime. i said yes and gave it to mom since she lived alone. then sprint called and offered me a free phone to share my minutes at only $20 a month so i accepted and gave to my single and not young aunt. they called again with another free phone to share minutes at another $20 a month and i said yes since my cousin had just accepted a great job that required a lot of driving in her crappy car. all nights & weekends are free, all cell to cell calls are free and we had 2000 minutes to split between us. never went over and all was good. but mom died. so i had an extra FREE line, but had no reason to cancel. then i heard of a new plan that is even cheaper and adds free roaming. score. i have a "home" phone that stays fully charged and ready for action if i should forget to charge my awesome evo or if i should misplace it. (that happens way more than i care to admit so i love my free phone.)

sorry you asked?

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - Not at all. Makes perfect sense. Phew...

Kate said...

I finally upgraded from a really pathetic cell phone to a new iPhone this summer. Love it! I love the camera in it, I've downloaded a couple of apps (free ones), and I love being to check the internet from anywhere.. and the map thingie.. anyway, probably don't NEED it, but I sure love having it.

Either way, sounds like your phone is perfectly fine.

Verdant Earl said...

Kate - Yeah...especially since it can do all the things you mentioned and more already. I'm just a silly consumer.

white rabbit said...

I admit to having an iPhone - it's a good gadget but as a phone it's a piece of junk...

marty mankins said...

I'm a long time Sprint guy (going on 9 years). I plan to stay with them for as long as I can and as long as they don't do anything massivly stupid.

After years (since 1996) of being a Palm user, I will be leving it behind for an iPhone 4S in December. Why? As much as I like my Palm Pre, there are some things that it does that get to me. Like not always logging who I call or who calls me. Or erroring out when I get a I get a picture mail text. Or th GPS putting me 4 miles away from where I am at when trying to find an address.

My prepaid hacked IPhone 3GS seems to work better and faster and without the hassle. So add to that unlimited data and a really fast iPhone and the upgrade made sense. Even at an extra $10 a month (which is the only negative I complain about with Sprint)

As ong as your Pixi continues to do what you need it to, there's no need for an upgrade. And from this Sprint and Palm fan, that's a good thing.