Oct 17, 2011


I love baseball. I really do.

But even I can't get excited about a World Series featuring the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

I guess I should have a little more respect and admiration for the Cardinals organization than I do. They've been around forever and they've won more World Series than any team not named the New York Yankees.  So a long and somewhat prosperous history.

They are also managed by a man who is a legend in his own time, Tony LaRussa. Some complain about his complex moves, lineups and pitching changes. But I side with those that say he manages the way he does to maximize the results of his sometimes over-matched teams. I know, I know...don't all managers run games like that? They should. Sometimes it seems like most of them are running the "Managing Major League Baseball for Dummies" playbook.  Word for word. So I kinda dig LaRussa.

And they have the best player on the planet in Albert Pujols. Did you see his home run in the 3rd inning last night? That shit came in around shoulder high and he pummeled it out of the park. FAR out of the park. Amazing hitter, amazing player. So I guess I should be glad about that.

But I'm just not seeing any excitement coming from this series. Especially since it's gonna be on FOX, and I hate the announcing team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver with the fiery fury of a thousand white-hot suns. They suck the joy out of the game for any viewer. But I'll probably still watch.

And I hope to be entertained.

I'm just not counting on it.


Slyde said...

then dont watch it

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - that would be like asking you to stay away from gay porn. Ya know?

RW said...

You're not into it because there's only one real baseball team in the Series this year. I was rooting for the Tigers and Cardinals because I wanted an old school Series, two of the original 16.

All the other teams beyond that are just not right.

Oh and I'm starting a petition to get the orioles back in St. Louis. And also the Dodgers need to go back to Brooklyn. Then there's the Braves. Gotta be Boston.

I hate change.

Verdant Earl said...

RW - How about the A's back to Philly? Or the Yankees back to Baltimore? Or the Rangers back to Washington? Or...

I'm down with it!

sybil law said...

I can't stand the Cardinals. I think it's still because of how much I couldn't stand Mark McGwire. Anyway, eh - if I watch it, I watch - if I don't - I might have more fun doing whatever that is...

Seals said...

I'm a Cardinals fan, so I'm pretty excited about the World Series this year.

I have the same kind of admiration and respect for your Yankees, but the difference is the constant, overwhelming, overblown coverage of the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, and Mets. I can't imagine living in a world where everything revolves around those four teams. I know that's life on the East Coast but it's something I can't fathom. It's the reason I can't even watch ESPN or even the MLB network most of the time.

The "expert" knowledge of the Cardinals from the national media is appalling. If they're just as bad with the other teams, how can I trust them?

That being said, Joe Buck was great when he worked for St. Louis radio/television. His playfulness and wry sense of humor doesn't work on a national level, especially with a blowhard like McCarver. I can definitely understand why people don't like them.

If nothing else, I'm glad we don't have to listen to those idiots on TBS. Those guys were horrible.

I gave up on the Cardinals in August, so all of this has been gravy. I'm excited but it's not like I'm as invested as I would have been had they won the division. If they win the World Series, I'll get a few new t-shirts. If not, I won't.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - yeah, just bleah...

Seals - Oh, I can certainly imagine the excitement where I a Cards fan. Or a Rangers fan, for that matter. Good luck with the Series! And I hope Pujols never leaves St. Louis.

RW said...

Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Giants
Boston Braves
Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals
Philadelphia Phillies
Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates

Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Washington Senators
Philadelphia A's
Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Browns
Cleveland Indians

I'm going to hold my breath until this is what baseball looks like again. What are my chances ya think?

Verdant Earl said...

RW - Ah...1952. Mickey Mantle at 20. I'd be down. :)