Oct 9, 2011

Just Talking to the Cornfield - New Episode Tonight 9PM EST

This is gonna be weird.

Here's what the Colonel has to say:

Hey folks,
So lets recap.    Basketball is on strike, Hockey is for Canadians, and Hank Williams Jr., the guy who sings the theme song "Are You Ready For Some Football!!" for the NFL's flagship show Monday Night Football just compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, and got fired.   That leaves one major sport for us to enjoy.     Lucky for you, we do a show devoted to it!!
This week on Just Talking to the Cornfield........

Episode Notes: So it's the playoffs, and a wonderful time indeed. Well, not so much for Earl. The Yankees lost. But the Brewers won, so the Colonel is psyched. Or psycho. Same difference. Join us as we discuss the near future of the Yankees, Braves, Red Sox, Rays, Phillies and Diamondbacks. Because they all just missed out on the next round, ya know. Oh, and for a bonus, we are going to discuss the hottest film scenes of all time. Find out what gave a young Colonel a miniscule boner. I've been waiting six months to type those words. Hehehe.

That's right.   We want to discuss what changes we expect for the teams eliminated in the playoffs.   We already have seen changes in the front offices, and that's just the start.  Which players contracts are up, and which players will be targeted via trade or free agency?? 
And then........ we will be taking a left turn to discuss the hottest movie scenes of all time.   It needs to be done.    Love to hear your thoughts.
See you at the Cornfield!!
Earl and the Colonel



sybil law said...

I'm there/ here!
This would probably work better if you posted about it earlier. ;)

badgerdaddy said...

For hot movie scenes, I absolutely love the sex scene in 8 Mile, it's pure filth!

Oh, and the tea-in-the-garden scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Pure class!