Oct 28, 2011

Movie Revew: Blood River (2011)

Another "find" in the Netflix Instant horror vaults.

And another sparse, simple tale of a dysfunctional family and a stranger who wanders into their midst.  This time it's a couple through the Nevada desert to visit her family. She's pregnant with their child, with a child from another man left at home for the trip.

After a night at a roadhouse/motel in the middle of nowhere, they head out only to have a blowout about 50 miles from the motel. And 5 miles from a dead town in the middle of the desert called Blood River. And about a billion miles from somewhere where anyone wants to be. Soon enough they are joined by counter-culture cowboy Joseph.  An ominous man who claims to have run out of gas somewhere down the road.  But he was at the motel the night before, and dead bodies have been left in his trail.

So you see where this is going. Except for suddenly when you don't. It's when this classic serial killer tale turns into something else entirely.

And I got to tell you, I wasn't too thrilled when it did. I was kinda enjoying the tension between the corporate couple with the child on the way and this dangerous drifter. I wanted to see how THAT film was gonna play out. Even if I had seen THAT film many, many times before.

Where the film did head? Well...that kinda bored me, to tell you the truth.

And that's pretty much the last thing that you want from a horror flick several nights before Helloween.


My Netflix Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


Slyde said...

When are you going to admit that you've just been using me for sex all these years?

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I thought that was obvious. Disappointing and obvious.

sybil law said...

It is obvious, Earl. Slyde is just... slow.
But seriously, that sucks about the movie. What a letdown.