Oct 6, 2006

God Warrior!

I don't know if any of you were lucky enough to see this last year. If not, lemme splain for the un-initiated.

There is this crap show on one of the crap networks called "Wife Swap" or something like that. Anyway, this one show had this 500+ pound, ultra-Christian maniac swap places with a real sweet, Wiccan astrologer (or something equally opposite to the crazy lady).

Wackiness ensued! That's what the point of the show is, I guess.

But the real kicker was the crazy lady's reaction when she finally got home. That's what the clip above shows. She went nuts. It was the best fucking thing ever put on television! EVER!

So I actually saw this episode live because I was spending the night at Mom's house and her and my sister love the show. It's an awful show, but I had seen previews for this particular episode and I was interested enough to sit with them and watch it. Sooooo glad I did!

My sister has a bit of a wacky sense of humor, so she went to the local mall and had a "GOD WARRIOR" t-shirt made up for me. Simple black with large white letters. It's awesome! I don't believe I had ever worn it outside my house, though.

Until yesterday.

Wore it under a sweatshirt when I went to visit my lady love (shiny!) at her restaurant. Sat at the bar for a bit before taking off my sweatshirt (dead sexy) to reveal my God Warrior-ness! Thought it would be a fun night of explaining the shirt, or pretending that I actually was THAT into the man/woman upstairs. You know...just for kicks!

HOLY CRAP! I got so many snide or weirdo looks from people! All from a goddamned t-shirt! It was both hysterical and uncomfortable at the same time. This one guy at the bookstore across the street actually asked if I was a Warrior for God or if I was just a dude that fought against gods. Hmm...never thought of that before. Guess the shirt is a bit ambigious.

Nothing causes folks to judge you more than when you either A) display your religion openly or B) poke fun at someone else's religion in the same manner.

And here I was just making fun at a dumb show with a crazy lunatic on it. Go figure.


Kat said...

Earl- your only fault is over-estimating the general intelligence/sense of humour of the average person. Most people have NONE!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I hadn't seen this clip before - it totally warrants an OMG WTF!

Hysterical. I'm glad you wore that shirt...

You have been to the dark side...

Knitty Yas said...

i didnt find that clip funny at all. i found it frightening. did you see the look on the little girls face? by the end the little girl was crying! thats just horrible.

but the tee-shirt idea was hysterical and maybe if you would have had Wife-Swap on the back, people might have gotten it. what you should have done, it just tell everyone that you would pray for their souls and walk around aimlessly. lol

elizabeth said...

First of all - that's awesome. You are now worthy of my friendship.

Secondly - I would have stared at you too, and undoubtedly discussed the shirt with you (so I could blog about it)

Thirdly - I saw that too. No excuses, I was just watching it. Wasn't that insane?

Four - Yasamin, yeah but some people would have thought he was a god warrior trying to swap wives with people... and that's actually much funnier.

Fifth - Earl.... go here...http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=772
That ought to set the bar on fire! (or you, should you believe in hell and all that, hehehe)

Anonymous said...

dude, it wasn't the t shirt.

They were staring at you because youre funny looking.

I've been staring at you like that for 15 years now.

Verdant Earl said...

And here I thought you had been staring at me like that because of puppy love.

Knitty Yas said...

lmao @ elizabeth!!! ;p

elizabeth said...

yasamin - don't worry. I have a fleet of trucks delivering said shirts as we speak. Want one?