Jun 21, 2009


Dad died 6 years ago this week.

The last time I saw him before his final heart attack was when I took him and Mom out to dinner for Father's Day. We had dinner at the house for actual Father's Day, but I always liked to take him out to dinner later on to celebrate as well. So we went to this Italian joint that he and I loved on Wednesday.

I remember that he asked Mom if he could have a martini. Made me laugh. He had a Sapphire Gin martini with onions, or a Gibson if you prefer. I followed suit. He had this way of enjoying every meal and every drink. You could tell that those were some of his favorite times. He started every meal with a prayer and the words "good to be together." And it always was.

The year before, I had Mom and Dad join me in Key West for a week. I had rented a house there for a month and I planned on having a bunch of friends and such come to visit. When I found out they were going to Disney the same month, I made some plans with my sister and they were able to swing down there for a week. This was special because my mother is deathly afraid of flying. But she flew down to Florida this time...the last time she has flown in her life. Now that Dad is gone, she is quite content to be where she is. But Dad told me that vacation was his favorite vacation he ever took. He loved Key West like I love Key West. He got it.

Two days after I took him out to dinner for Father's Day, he suffered a heart attack that would end his life. He had a great life. Long and with plenty of smiles. Tragedy also, but it was the laughs and the smiles that made it all worth while.

Happy Father's Day everyone.

Children, hug your fathers. Fathers, hug your children.


savannah said...

xoxoxo a lovely tribute, sugar!

Michelle said...

Awesome Bro!

I wish I had my dad to hug!

Slyde said...

has it been 6 years already? damn....

badgerdaddy said...

My stepdaughter gave me my first-ever father's day card today. It was cool.

Paticus said...

Nice post, Earl.
It'll be two years in November for me.

Mrs. Hall said...

hugs man, hugs

key west, wow.

will be going for the first time in september.

i am sure it is everything you write about, glad your Dad got to be there, with you. And your Mom too :)

hugs though, hugs ()

Suzi Q said...

Hugs to you!

Heff said...

Lost my Dad 01/10/2007. I feel your pain.

Faiqa said...

Awww. Stupid hotel where I was staying had a stupid wireless connection that wouldn't work... I'm just now seeing this. :(
Lots of love to you and hugs.