Jun 29, 2009


The bacon-infused bourbon was even better this time around than the first time I made it.

I think the key was doing the fat infusion process twice. The first time around I wasn't getting that smoky bacon aroma that it should have had. I had reserved a few ounces of bacon fat just in case, so I did it again. That was the key, I believe.

Gia said the Old Fashioned I made with the bourbon tasted just like PDT's version. The rest of the gang at the party agreed that it was one of the coolest cocktails they ever tried.

I rock so very much. ;)


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Nice butt.


Michelle said...

You absolutely do rock so very much!

Makes me happy to know you.

I see how much you love bacon in your cocktails!!!


Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - Woo, indeed! ;)

Heff said...

I love bacon even more now.

Slyde said...

your ass looks GREAT in that picture!

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - if it were at all possible.

Slyde - I've been hitting the stairmaster.

marty mankins said...

For the love of all that is bacon (or related to bacon).

Nice ass shot. Do they not make boxers with that same phrase on the ass?

Ookami Snow said...

You gonna go into business bottling the stuff?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Who knew that bacon is so versatile?

*Tink* <<< That's the sound of me opening my Bud Light!

Happy Monday

- Jennifer

Barlinnie said...

You just cannae lick a grand piece of bacon. Until now of course.

hello haha narf said...

one more time...my birthday is july 5th. SEND BACON BOURBON.

p.s. glad it turned out awesome for you!

Verdant Earl said...

Marty - the boxers say "sausage" instead. ;)

Ookami - thinking that might be illegal. And too much work for my liking.

Jimmy - ha!

Becky - You know I would, but the USPS doesn't take too kindly to sending opened bottles of liquor in the mail. And Pittsburgh is a little too far to drive for more personal delivery. You will have to live thru me vicariously on this one. For now. ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

I don't really care so much for the bacon flavored alchohol as much as I would love to see my wife in those panties.....