Feb 5, 2010

Make me laugh, clown!

I don't shop at Walmart. I've never even been in one of them.  Not because of the people who shop there or because of the company's conservative-leaning politics

It used to be because they were a thing of Middle America.  They just didn't exist on Long Island.  But now they are here and I've still never been in one.  I guess because in my mind there is really no difference between a Target, a Kmart, a Walmart or any other national "buy it all here" chain.  I really don't go to Target or Kmart either, but that's mostly because I hate people.  Isn't it easier to shop online and avoid humanity?

But the new Walmart commercial is the thing of legends!  Or nightmares.  Yeah, definitely nightmares.  So Kramer...are you still afraid of clowns?


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Those kids are never gonna be the same.


Mrs. Hall said...

oh come on!! way to NOT play through the pain clown/dad dude!!

Yeah. walmart is different than target and kmart.

so much more, ohh white trash in that horrible white trash sad way versus that white trash funny way. wait, white trash is ALWAYS FUNNY!!


go, see. enjoy.


Verdant Earl said...

Holly - yeah, seen that site. Even linked to it up there in the first paragraph. Odd people. Very odd.

white rabbit said...

I recently discovered people of walmart. It should be compulsory viewing for anyone planning to invade the USA.

Now do REALLY want to be in charge of these people???

Is the clown related to Ronald McDonald? Can I murder him now or is there a queue?

sybil law said...

I go to a Wal Mart about once a year, but I'll go to Target all year 'round. There really is a difference.
I laughed at that commercial. Has anyone ever known a kid who LIKED clowns, anyway?

Anonymous said...

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Kevin McKeever said...

When we lived in Texas there was a Super Wal-Mart and a Sam's Club right up the road from us. Too vastly different crowds even through they were next door to each other and are owned by the same company. I used to go in the Wal-Mart once in a while and wonder, "who are these people are where did they come from because they don't live in our neighborhood."

Target, thought, far classier than them either of the -Marts.

But I, too, do most of my big shopping (holidays, birthdays, clothes, appliances) online. People. Yuck.

Slyde said...

i think 123 123's comment was really heart felt and genuine...

Kate said...

Walmart is huge up here in Maine. Everyone shops there, even for food! It's scary. I've been in once or twice, it gives me an icky feeling to be there. That clown ad is just awful!

Verdant Earl said...

WR - murder him now!

Sybil - but they both sell pretty much the same shit, right?

123 - thanks for the spam!

Uncool - maybe it's the work "Mart" that is to blame.

Slyde - as was yours.

Kate - it's a perfect 30-second horror film.

RW said...

I don't allow spam in my comments. I erase them, just like I erase people who disagree with me. Gone. Wait, what was this about? Oh Clowns. Yeah, I never got why they scare people. Clowns were always... i dunno... funny to me. I get what they're trying to do in the commercial, and I must say the actor does a very excellent scream. But it's basically meh for moi.

Water Logged Canine said...

I don't find the humor in making fun of those who are less fortunate. Many people are forced into shopping at Wal-Mart because it is either the only show in town, or the only store left they can afford. For all of the evil that Wal-Mart has purportedly brought to middle America, they have helped many communities in need.

We can't all have high speed Internet with snarky, witty blogs.

JUDGES! All of us.

Bruce Johnson said...

Good for you Earl.....NEVER go into a Walmart. They snatch you up, and put you next to a big green pod.....when you walk out, you still look like Earl....but you are strangely different.

...and this commerical is the funniest thing I have seen on TV in 10 years.

Verdant Earl said...

RW - yeah, I usually erase 'em too. I was just lazy this morning. Still.
And I can't explain why clowns are terrifying to some people...they just are.

Doggie - Huh? Who was making fun of...oh yeah, I forgot. You can't see Youtube videos as work.

Bruce - pod people, eh? That explains a lot.

Heff said...

NEVER been in a Wal-Mart ?!? I've had DREAMS of such a life.....I digress.

Avitable said...

I saw this last week and it may be the only Walmart commercial I've ever seen that was funny and a bit dark. I like it.

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - Never, my man. And when the hell are you coming back to bloggy-world?

Avitable - Commercials don't stick with me so I can't recall any other Walmart ads. But this one rules.