Nov 27, 2008

I Give Thanks

To Buffy!

That's right. This year, I am feeling thankful for Joss Whedon's icon of female empowerment. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not the movie. That was merely okay. Nope...I'm talking about the television series. THE television series, as I like to refer to it as. Wow, that was a clunky sentence. Fuck it! I'm not re-writing it.

Anywho. I've decided that "Happy Thanksgiving" doesn't cut it for me anymore. From now on I will wish people a "Buffy Thanksgiving". That doesn't sound gay at all.

So have a Buffy Thanksgiving everyone! Go forth and pound a stake through the heart of the undead because that's what the Pilgrims would have wanted you to do.

Oh, and hey. You know who is a good egg? Adam Avitable. He's giving away an uber-cool Buffy DVD set for free. This one.

Looks pretty sweet, eh? So go visit his site here and enter his free contest if you so choose. Or you can ignore it as not to decrease my odds of winning. If you really love me, you'll know what to do. Wink.


Note: Remember to play the Bug-Eyed Trivia Challenge every day. Even the Undead are doing it.


Mrs. Hall said...


truth be told Ihave never seen the show. but, I am sure I will love it.

I adooooooooooooooooooooooored Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog.

the ending was well, me no likey

but the rest was awwwwweeeesssooommmee

happy buffy giving day!



badgerdaddy said...

I left a comment. Would be cool to win, but my breath is not held.

Dammit, we would have tied on today's quiz but I ignored my instinct on the Splendor in the Grass question. Gah. Still, we tied for time, but you got one more right than me. Even so, I'm happy with two wins out of four!

Aunt Robin said...

Good Lord, what have you been drinking?

I want some!

Avitable said...

Have a Buffy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Ok i do love you b.e. but i am still entering contest to win buffy dvd!!

And i wish you a berry buffy Thanksgiving!! (yes i know i typed berry, thought it would add to the magic that is buffy!!))

Seals said...

When I see SMG it just makes me want to cuddle fuck her. Mmmmmmm.

pure evyl said...

I always thought that it was spelled anyhoo. Oh well have a Buffy Thanksgiving.

Verdant Earl said...

Holly - The ending of Dr. Horrible is what makes Whedon so wonderful. The tragedy of it all.

Badger - I got that question wrong too.

Aunt Robin - Believe it or don't, nothing. (The post was really done to win Adam's contest).

Avitable - And a very Buffy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Michelle - See how this post was both helped and hurt my chances? ;)

ajooja - I was always more of a Cordelia/Anya fan, but SMJ is cuddle fuck-worthy.

Evyl - You are probably right about the "anyhoo". Spell check doesn't work on either. Buffy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

the beige one said...

Happy Yam Sham to all!

Slyde said...

you mean, so i wouldnt have to borrow your shitty shoe-boxes full of buffy vhs tapes anymore?

im in!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

SMG is a.dor.a.ble. I can't say that I blame you.

Michelle said...

b.e. if i win i am gifting it right to you!!

But that means i must have some sort of address where you may or may not reside!! Not to worry, i won't stalk you! Nor will i deliver the prize in person. Thats what the post office is for!!!


Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - very sweet of you! But if you win, you deserve it. It's a fantastic gift!