Nov 18, 2008

WTG Wanda!

So this past weekend saw a Hollywood star come out and admit that she was gay at a rally protesting the passing of Prop 8 in California.

Wanda Sykes.

It wasn't the biggest secret in the world. I'd heard rumblings about her sexual orientation for a while now. And that is because she didn't work too hard at keeping it a secret. She said that everyone she knows knew that she was gay, but she just never felt like talking about her sexual life in public. She was even married late last month before the election. I gotta give her mad respect for going against her natural privacy this past weekend and talking about how much it hurt her and the rest of this country that civil rights were taken away from a group of folks in such a "progressive" state like California.

I don't know when she first came onto my radar, but whenever it was...I wasn't a fan. I just didn't get her. I thought her comedy came across as forced and a little too angry. But she slowly started to win me over. And I eventually developed a bit of a crush on her, especially as Barb on The New Adventures of Old Christine. What can I say? I'm a boob guy. Now THAT particular celebrity fantasy is shattered. ;)

Anywho...couldn't be prouder of her this past weekend. Hopefully all of these protests will have some kind of substantive effect on the voting populace and that this wrong can be righted sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Here's a pre-out Wanda on gay marriage. Enjoy!

PS - Oh yeah. 42. Today. Feh!


FourLeafClover said...

Hooray! Go Wanda!

Seriously thinking of switching teams myself these days....

Verdant Earl said...

4Leaf - I understand Beyonce was on your radar. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, have no idea who this woman is, but the whole idea of having to "come out" especially to co-workers or non-close friends must be bizarre. I mean, as a straight woman, I don't have to explain myself at work. Yet it seems that anyone who is gay is expected to.

Christ, it's midnight and I'm fucking philosophical over here.

jiggs said...

You are now the answer to the ultimate question!

Also, wandy sykes is straight... psych!

jiggs said...

i mean sykes!

Michelle said...

She is pretty funny but i admit i'm not a fan. Cool though about her! But, not cool she has to "come out". Like lets come out of the house? I hate that shit!! Come out!! It's stupid.

I'm just saying!!


Time for running!! I know i'm crazy!! In a good way though!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brotha!

Avitable said...

Happy birthday!

I've never liked Wanda Sykes's comedy that much, but she was hilarious on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Seals said...

Happy birthday!!!

Paticus said...

Happy (harumph) Birthday!!
I never saw much of her standup(this clip is pretty funny, though),but i did love her interacting with Larry David on Curb.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Loved Wanda ever since Curb with Larry David. The fact that she's gay really has nothing to do with my preference for her comedy. Whatever, I like her regardless.
She still cracks me up!

happy b-day old man! hee hee

Dr Zibbs said...

I did not know this. She was pretty good on Curb You Enth.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I've had an angry type of chub for Wanda for some time also. Oh well, just have to pair her up with somebody good in the next fantasy, play on! Happy Birthday Dudeskin!

The Trailer Of Love

platts42 said...

Happy Birthday! Do you have any special birthday plans? Gonna eat cake & ice cream? Fuck around all day? Open presents?

Happy Birthday!

badgerdaddy said...

She was very good in Monster In Law too.

Happy Birthday, you da man!

Miss Britt said...

I've always liked Wanda Sykes. But then, I'm partial to angry short women who swear too much.

Faiqa said...

Happppy Birthday!! Wanda Sykes clip was sooo funny. :)

Heff said...

Happy Birthday. I, However, REFUSE to watch the "Wanda Sucks" clip, as I totally DESPISE HER. Mouthy, smartassed, Not particularly funny, Voice like nails on a can anyone actually LIKE her ? Somehow her sexual preference doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I was turned off by her when she first came on my radar but I warmed up to her when I saw her playing characters like you said, like on "New Adventures of Old Christine," and stuff. She did do a nice stretch here for gay marriage. Gotta give her props for being able to put it out there with great control. Go Wanda!

Slyde said...

i love me some wanda!

She and susie essman are the 2 best things about Curb Your Enthusiasm..

Verdant Earl said...

1girllotsabooze - truly ridiculous.

Jiggs - what would that question be?

Michelle - yeah, her stand-up never did it for me. But I dig her on that show.

Avitable - I never watched Curb. Larry David is just too abrasive for my tastes.

ajooja - :)

Paticus - Harumph right backatcha!

Candy - Watch it with the old man jokes! ;)

Zibbs - She must have forgotten to call you first.

Wil - "angry type of chub". That's perfect!

Cap'n - Yep. Lounging around today. Heading into NYC tonight. Good food, good friends, good whiskey. Stuff like that.

badger - you watched that? ;)

Britt - me too. I think that's how I found your blog. :)

Faiqa - :)

Heff - I never liked her standup either. But her acting turned me around.

Teeni - Thank you for agreeing 100% with my post. You da woman!

Slyde - What? No Happy Birthday from you? Fucker!

marty mankins said...

Wanda rocks! So awesome that she has made her statement.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't even see that last bit where you said you were 42! Happy late birthday. Glad you got there before me. So now you can warn me what it's like. Have a wonderful year full of happy, healthy days, Earl!

Brandon said...

Happy birthday!

Gotta love the Wanda.

Brown said...

Nah, doesn't surpise me at all. I think she's pretty funny most of the time though. She was hilarious in Monster-in-Law.

i am the diva said...

Yeah! she's awesome.

and Fourleaf, you should definately dabble, if not switch, it's fun times!