Nov 22, 2008

Trivia odds and end

OK, we are in the third day of our Trivia Challenge. You see the link up there at the tip of my fucking click it already and register! is the link if you don't want to travel to the sidebar. Sheesh! Lazy much?

Anyway, here is how it is scored:

* 100 Points for every question right for a maximum initial score of 1,000.

* Subtract the number of seconds it took you to finish the quiz from your initial score and that is your final score.

* Top 10 finishers are given bonus points.

That's it.

Now, the other quiz I play in is tailored around easier questions all week. Many days a bunch of the participants wind up with 10/10 on the quiz and the finishes are determined by the time it took. This is OK, but the questions are often so easy its retarded.

So I tailored this quiz to include more difficult questions. And today's quiz proved that. I had to guess on at least half of them. Badly. So let me know what you prefer. Easy questions where it becomes a race against time or more difficult questions that you may have to guess on a bunch of them. I prefer the latter.

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

PS - Remember to play every day. You are hoping to win my admiration. Don't let me down.


Anonymous said...

wow. That was fun but I took too long. I couldn't decide on a couple of answers and kept changing them. Next time I'll just go with my first instincts and save time since that is how it ended up anyway. LOL. I had never done one of these before. Great idea, Earl!

Michelle said...



Mrs. Hall said...

Easy questions next time.

This one made me feel kind of irritated.

firckin 2/10.


like fer sure!



Heff said...

Your admiration means one HELL of alot to me, but I'm a little too drunk to play again right this minute...

Candy's daily Dandy said...

YES! 9/10 this time.
You had to throw that asteroid or whatevercrap in there to throw me off!

Verdant Earl said...

Just so everyone knows...I don't pick the questions. I pick a topic and we get 10 out of a few thousand of those.

pure evyl said...

I enjoy the trivia contest. Thanks for providing it. I like a mix of easy and difficult. Sometimes it's good to go for speed and sometimes it's good to scramble up the old braincells a bit.

Avitable said...

I picked the wrong answer on an easy one. Damn it.

Verdant Earl said...

Evyl - I think I am going to alternate between easy and hard during the week. I can always change it up later on.

Adam - I hate when that happens. In my other tournament the other day I answered "Titanic" to a question about the line "Play it again, Sam". I knew it was "Casablanca"...must have just been a brain fart.

Brown said...

Are you serious? We definitely need harder questions.

Verdant Earl said...

Poopie - Yes, I'm serious. And stop calling me Shirley. ;) That was an easy one, but they will alternate between hard and easy during the week. Or it should. I found the Movies: Difficult last week to be kinda easy.